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Fastest Times for 2004

10 Mark Edmonds 23.42 Club 10 10/08/2004
25 Allan Leighton 58.16 Shaftesbury MM 25 26/06/2004
50 Mark Edmonds 2.07.36Eagle RC 50 19/09/2004
100 Mark Edmonds 4.19.35CC Breckland 100 13/06/2004
12 hour        
10 Julia Freeman 24.20 Club 10 27/07/2004
25 Julia Freeman 1.1.37 Maldon 25 25/07/2004
Vets 25 on Age Standard
Julia Freeman +8.27 Maldon 25 25/07/2004

Club Championships

Final Positions for 2004

DistanceTimeSpeed (mph)
Mark Edmonds
Av.Speed (mph)24.121
Jim Miller
Av.Speed (mph)19.604

Women's Championship

Final Positions for 2004

DistanceTimeSpeed (mph)
Julia Freeman
Av.Speed (mph)23.848

Club Events Points Championship

Final Positions for 2004

Points allocation: 20, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 for 1st - 10th places.
In the event of a tie, each rider will be awarded that position's points.

Totals PointsPositionRider
801 Chris Burley
352 Mark Edmonds
523 Julia Freeman
274 Richard Jordan
245=Stuart Evans
245=Jim Miller
207=Dave Spencer
207=Allan Leighton
109 Andy Ballentyne
810Paul Allet

Winner : Chris Burley
First Lady : Julia Freeman

The Twilight Trophies

Final Positions for 2004

Top 11 placings (out of 15) to count.
Points allocation: 20, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 for 1st - 10th places
In the event of a tie, each rider will be awarded that position's points.

  27/04/2004 11/05/2004 18/05/2004 25/05/2004 01/06/2004 08/06/2004 15/06/2004 22/06/2004 29/06/2004 06/07/2004 13/07/2004 20/07/2004 27/07/2004 03/08/2004 10/08/2004
Total Pos. Rider   Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points
164 1 Paul Martin   24.34 1 20 25.22 3 12    25.17 1 20    24.38 1 20 24.56 5 8 24.56 1 20 24.48 3 12 24.57 4 10 25.05 4 10 25.07 4 10 24.44 4 10 24.35 1 20    
163 2 Julia Freeman L      25.17 1= 20 24.52 1 20 25.32 3 12 25.42 2 15       25.54 3 12 24.47 2 15 24.37 2 15 24.42 2 15 24.43 3 12 24.20 3 12    24.26 2= 15
161 3 Andy Ballentyne   26.12 3 12 25.27 4 10 25.47 3 12 25.40 4 10    24.59 3 12 24.37 2 15    24.22 1 20 24.28 1 20 24.12 1 20 25.27 5 8 24.11 2 15    24.26 2= 15
142 4 Chris Burley   25.08 2 15 25.17 1= 20 25.02 2 15 25.20 2 15    25.14 4 10 24.52 4 10    24.58 4 10 24.55 3 12 24.57 3 12 24.22 2 15 24.51 5 8       
115 5 Mark Edmonds                 25.19 1 20 24.49 2 15 24.07 1 20              23.57 1 20 23.46 1     23.42 1 20
86 6 Richard Jordan   27.15 4 10 27.40 5 8 27.15 4 10 27.34 6 6    27.30 5 8 27.27 6 6 27.51 4 10 29.12 5 8 27.32 7 4 27.51 5 8 27.42 7 4       28.22 5 8
45 7 Dave Spencer              26.14 5 8                26.10 6 6    25.47 6 6    26.08 2 15 25.51 4 10
43 8 Brian Bent           34.36 5 8 34.02 9 2    34.09 7 4 34.11 9 2 34.06 5 8 33.07 6 6 33.58 10 1 33.24 7 4 32.41 9 2       32.58 6 6
35 9= Ian Morgan                       24.50 3 12 25.13 2 15    25.22 5 8                
35 9= Linda Speidel L 30.21 5 8 33.27 6 6    31.36 7 4    30.02 6 6 30.31 8 3       31.06 9 2       30.14 6 6       
16 12 Stuart Evans                       28.57 7 4       29.16 8 3 28.20 6 6 27.57 8 8          
3 13 Paul Allet              33.01 8 3                                   

Men's Winner : Paul Martin
Ladies' Winner : Julia Freeman

Time Trial Results - 2004

ECCA 10 Time Trial

Saturday 2nd October - Course E2/10

Mark Edmonds and Jim Miller rode the ECCA 10 on the E2 course and in the windy conditions, Mark was the fastest Easterley member in 23.49 with Jim recording 28.11. Jim's ride means that he also qualifies for the Club Championship.
The winner was Steve Hunt with a 20.30.

Name Time
Mark Edmonds23.49
Jim Miller 28.11

32nd Association 25 Time Trial

Sunday 26th September - Course E1/25

Mark Edmonds was the fastest Easterley rider in the last 32nd Association and Club Event of the year with 1.1.07 which was good enough for 4th overall behind winner Keith Andrewartha (Shaftesbury CC) who did a 55.11. This ride also means that he has now qualified for the Club Championship. Chris Burley was second with a 1.8.59 which means that he wins the Club Events Points Championship with 80 points. Jim Miller was the third counting member of the Easterley team with a 1.14.04.

Name Time
Mark Edmonds 1.1.07
Chris Burley 1.8.59
Jim Miller 1.14.04

Eagle RC 50 mile Time Trial

Sunday 19th September - Course E1/50

Mark Edmonds improved his 50 time with a 2.07.36 to come first on handicap. It also means that he squeezes past Allan Leighton's time by 5 seconds for the year's fastest 50.

Bishops Stortford 10 mile Time Trial

Saturday 18th September - Course E1/10

Julia Freeman rode the Bishops Stortford 10 and in the windy conditions recorded a time of 25.07 for 1st Lady. Fastest was Ken Platts in 22.29.

32nd Association 'Len Waters' 25 Time Trial

Saturday 11th September - Course E1/25

Julia Freeman was 6th overall and 1st Lady in the Len Waters 25 organized by the 32nd Association with a 1.5.53 in the breezy conditions. Chris Burley was hampered with a crank that decided to come loose and ended up with a 1.16.47, and Stuart was the 3rd counting team member with a 1.18.18. This was not good enough to beat the Shaftesbury team who had the top three places overall. The winner and the only rider to get inside the hour was Paul Smith with 59.54.

Chris stays top of the Club Events Points Championship with 65 points - 13 points ahead of Julia whilst Stuart moves up to 4th overall.

Name Time
Julia Freeman 1.5.53
Chris Burley 1.16.47
Stuart Evans 1.18.18

ECCA 25 Time Trial

Sunday 5th September - Course E1/25

Julia Freeman managed to squeeze in a quick 25 before going off to help marshal the club's open road race (see above). Her time of 1.3.02 was good enough for 10th overall and 1st Lady. The winner was Keith Andrewartha (Shaftesbury CC) with a time of 55.55

Redbridge 25 Time Trial

Sunday 22nd August - Course E1/25

The conditions were warm with a light breeze making things deceptively hard back from the turn at Sawston. Andy Ballentyne was the quickest of the three Easterley members choosing a 92.6" fixed for the conditions and finished with a time of 1.1.32 for eventual 4th place overall. This is also his best time within the last 3 years and gave him a prize for the second biggest improvement. Paul Martin finished with a time of 1.3.56 whilst Allan Leighton who started 3 minutes in front of Andy recorded 1.5.00.
There were only two riders inside the hour with the winner being Paul Bellamy (Sydenham Wheelers) with 58.58 and Paul Williams (Team Larkfield Cycles) second in 59.36

Name Time
Andy Ballentyne 1.1.32
Paul Martin 1.3.56
Allan Leighton 1.5.00

Club 10

Tuesday 11th August 2004 - Course E14/10

With Mark Edmonds winning in a personal best (for the course) and Andy Ballentyne only coming equal second, this means that at the end of a hard fought Twilight Trophy, the Mens winner is Paul Martin with 172 points with Andy second and Chris Burley third. The Ladies winner is Julia Freeman with 163 points with Linda Speidel second.

Pos. Name 1st Lap10m
1 Mark Edmonds 11.47 23.42
2= Andy Ballentyne 11.59 24.26
2= Julia Freeman 12.03 24.26
4 Dave Spencer 12.45 25.51
5 Richard Jordan 13.55 28.22
6 Brian Bent 16.10 32.58
  Trevor Walters(Chelmer CC)13.56 28.39
  Sue Hyde 14.17 29.00

ECCA 10m Time Trial

Sunday 8th August 2004 - Course E91/10

Julia Freeman just missed breaking the Vets 40-50 record outright on the sporting E91 course although she had the consolation of being 1st Woman and 1st Handicap in the event and 7th overall. Knowing she was close to the record, she sprinted for the line in what she thought was a 24-18. The timekeeper however registered 24.21!
The winner was David Lane (Blue Sky Cycles) in 22.28.

Full Result.

Club 10

Tuesday 3rd August 2004 - Course E14/10

With a number of riders away on holiday, Paul Martin took maximum advantage and scored the full 20 points to go back to the top of the Twilight Trophy. This means that Andy Ballentyne must win the final event to win the series overall.

Pos. Name 1st Lap10m
1 Paul Martin 12.08 24.35
2 Chris Burley 12.56 26.08
  Sue Hyde 14.33 29.32
  Sara Carroll (Kingston Phoenix)16.51 43.01

Shaftesbury 50m Time Trial

Sunday 1st August 2004 - Course E2/50b

Allan Leighton improved his 50 mile time and the years fastest to 2.07.41 in the Shaftesbury 50 on the E2. The winner was 9 times BBAR Ian Cammish with 1.48.22.

Full Result.

Club 10

Tuesday 27th July 2004 - Course E14/10

Well the Twilight Trophy is coming down to a nail biting finish with just 2 weeks to go. On a warm still evening, Mark Edmonds was the quickest with 23.46 (and the year's fastest) however as he has missed a number of events he has no chance of the overall.
Andy Ballentyne was back on his track bike this week and although on a slightly lower gear, did his fastest ride of the series so far for 2nd place. This however moves him to the top of the table above Paul Martin who was fourth (24.44) on the night behind Julia Freeman who equalled her Mum's Vets 40-50 record with 24.20. Chris Burley's 5th place was his worst result position wise although his time was still a respectable 25.51.

Pos. Name 1st Lap10m
1 Mark Edmonds 11.46 23.46
2 Andy Ballentyne 11.54 24.11
3 Julia Freeman 12.05 24.20
4 Paul Martin 12.13 24.44
5 Chris Burley 12.06 24.51
6 Linda Speidel 15.00 16.01
  Brian Bent 16.01 DNF (Punc)

Maldon 25m Time Trial

Sunday 25th July 2004 - Course E21/25b

Julia Freeman recorded a 1.1.37 in the Maldon 25 to break Molly Swann's Ladies 40-50 record from 1976 by 14 seconds. In the process she was also 8th overall and 1st in her group. The winner was Glenn Taylor (APi) in 56.45

Club 10

Tuesday 20th July 2004 - Course E14/10

Everone seemed to improve except Andy Ballentyne who after a run of good results dropped down to 5th - 1 1/4 minutes back on the previous week. This he put down to being tired from the weekend's exertions (i.e. too much beer on Sunday celebrating his 40th birthday!) and also switching to his TT bike from his favoured track bike after the rain earlier in the evening. Mark Edmonds appears to have recovered from his Ironman efforts and went inside 24 minutes for the win which is also the year's fastest in the club so far.
There are now 4 riders within 8 points of each other in the Twilight Trophy with Paul still leading. With 12 events out of the 15 now gone, riders will start to drop their worst results. Each of the leading four riders have all missed two events so these are the events they will drop first.

Pos. Name 1st Lap10m
1 Mark Edmonds 11.54 23.57
2 Chris Burley 12.00 24.22
3 Julia Freeman 12.15 24.43
4 Paul Martin 12.23 25.07
5 Andy Ballentyne 12.32 25.27
6 Dave Spencer 12.40 25.47
7 Richard Jordan 13.41 27.42
8 Stuart Evans 13.43 27.57
9 Brian Bent 16.01 32.41
  Linda Speidel   DNF (Punc)

Club 10

Tuesday 13th July 2004 - Course E14/10

Andy was again the winner, and with Paul in fourth place, moves to just one point behind him in the Twilight Trophy.

Pos. Name 1st Lap10m
1 Andy Ballentyne 11.54 24.12
2 Julia Freeman 12.12 24.42
4 Chris Burley 12.31 24.57
3 Paul Martin 12.22 25.05
5 Richard Jordan 13.42 27.51
6 Stuart Evans 13.55 28.20
7 Brian Bent 16.14 33.24
 Lee Wingate (Glendene CC)11.4823.55

Leo 30

Sunday 11th July - Course E2/30

Allan Leighton rode the Leo 30 on the E2 course in a time of 1.14.37. The winner was Michael Hutchinson with the years fastest time of 1.1.32.

Inter Club 10 with the Chelmer CC

Tuesday 6th July 2004 - Course E14/10

The annual Inter Club 10 resulted in a victory for the Easterley with consistent times for all counting members of the team. Steve Freeman (Chelmer) counting as their first vet was the fastest with a rapid 23.10 followed by Nick Green (Chelmer) who just scraped inside 24 mins. Following them however were the four counting Easterley members all with 24's. Fastest was Andy Ballentyne followed by Julia Freeman, Chris Burley and then veteran Paul Martin.
For the Twilight Trophy, the 20 points Andy receives for being the first Easterley member moves him up to second place overall behind Paul with Julia third and Chris fourth.

Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version

Pos.Name ClubTime Cat.Photo
1Steve Freeman Chelmer 23:10V 
2Nick Green Chelmer 23:59S 
3Andy Ballentyne Easterley 24:28S Andy Ballentyne
4Julia Freeman Easterley 24:37VW Julia Freeman
5Chris Burley Easterley 24:55S Chris Burley
6Paul Martin Easterley 24:57V Paul Martin
7Dick Wall Chelmer 25:10V 
8Ian Morgan Easterley 25:22S Ian Morgan
9Graham Painter Chelmer 25:57S 
10Dave Spencer Easterley 26:10V Dave Spencer
11Paul Fairman Chelmer 26:30S 
12Stephen Beckett Chelmer 27:19S 
13Richard Jordan Easterley 27:32S Richard Jordan
14Ann Shuttleworth Chelmer 28:02W 
15Gordon Biggs Chelmer 28:18V 
16Stuart Evans Easterley 29:16S 
17Linda Speidel Easterley 31:06W 
18Brian Bent Easterley 33:58V 
Cathy Reed & Peter LawrenceChelmer29:26Tandem 
Team (2 Seniors, 1 Woman, 1 Vet) :-  
Easterley Team 1:38:57 SWSV 
Chelmer Team 1:40:21 VSSW 

Victoria CC 10m Time Trial

Saturday 3rd July - Course E1/10 (Wendons Ambo)

Julia Freeman was again fastest lady with a time of 24-56 in the windy conditions. She opted use a deep section front wheel but regretted the descision as she was unable to use her tri bars due to the buffetting from the cross winds. The winner was Alan Newark with a 23.31

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 29th June 2004 - Course E14/10

Andy Ballentyne scored his first win for many years with 24.22 - 25 seconds ahead of Julia Freeman who was 1 second quicker than Paul Martin. Chris Burley was a further 10 seconds back whilst Richard slowed to an uncustomary 29.12 due to back trouble. Brian improved nearly a minute to record 33.07.
Mark Edmonds is resting up ahead of next week's Ironman triathlon in Austria for which we wish him good luck.
Trevor Walters from the Chelmer CC came to a 'recce' on the course for next week's Interclub event.
This means that Paul stays in the lead in the Twilight Trophy but there are only 4 points separating the next 3 riders - Chris, Julia and Andy.

Pos. Name 1st Lap10m
1 Andy Ballentyne 11.59 24.22
2 Julia Freeman 12.20 24.47
3 Paul Martin 12.09 24.48
4 Chris Burley 12.17 24.58
5 Richard Jordan 13.34 29.12
6 Brian Bent 16.14 33.07
  Trevor Walters (Chelmer CC)13.57 28.22

Unity CC 25

Sunday 27th June 2004 - Course E2/25b

Julia Freeman was fastest lady and 8th or 9th overall with a time of 1.3.11. Veteran Ken Platts was the winner and the only one inside the hour with 57.15.

Shaftesbury Middle Markers 25

Saturday 26th June 2004 - Course E2/25

Allan Leighton did the year's fastest 25 so far with a 58.16 in the Shaftesbury Middlemarkers 25.

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 22nd June 2004 - Course E14/10

Paul Martin gained his revenge after last week's uncustomary 5th position to go back to the top of the Twilight Trophy and was the only rider inside 25 minutes on a cold and wet evening. Mark Edmonds punctured at the start of the second lap and did not finish although he was ahead of Ian but 10 seconds down on Paul after the first lap.

Pos. Name 1st Lap10m
1 Paul Martin 12.16 24.56
2 Ian Morgan 12.42 25.13
3 Julia Freeman 12.55 25.54
4 Richard Jordan 14.01 27.51
5 Brian Bent 16.41 34.06
  Mark Edmonds 12.26 DNF

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 15th June 2004 - Course E14/10

Mark Edmonds scored another win in the year's fastest 10 so far with 24.07 despite riding a '100' at the weekend. He was only 2 seconds up on Andy Ballentyne after the first lap but pulled out another 28 seconds on the second lap. Andy's time on fixed was his fastest for several years and moved him up to 3rd in the Twilight Trophy ahead of Julia Freeman who was on holiday. Ian Morgan made his series debut two seconds ahead of series leader Chris Burley who in turn was 4 seconds quicker than Paul Martin.
This is shaping up into a fascinating 10 series with the lead changing often and it will be interesting to see the position when the riders start dropping their worst results with only 12 out of the 15 events to count.

1Mark Edmonds 24.07
2Andy Ballentyne 24.37
3Ian Morgan 24.50
4Chris Burley 24.52
5Paul Martin 24.56
6Richard Jordan 27.27
7Stuart Evans 28.57
8Linda Speidel 30.31
9Brian Bent 34.11

CC Breckland '100'

Sunday 13th June 2004 - Course B100/4

Triathletes Mark Edmonds and Jim Miller rode the Breckland 100 in preparation for the Ironman that is coming up shortly. Mark was 9th overall and first Novice (much to his amusement after 18 years in the saddle!) with a time of 4.19.35 whilst Jim recorded 5.25.02. Mark's time puts him in a strong position for the Century Trophy and Club Championship.
The winner was Rowan Horner (VC St.Raphael) in 3.49.14.

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 8th June 2004 - Course E14/10

Another competitive event with Paul Martin getting the upper hand on Mark Edmonds and Andy Ballentyne (riding fixed), all of whom were inside 25 minutes. Chris Burley dropped to 4th place but has reclaimed the lead in the Twilight Trophy from Julia Freeman who didn't ride due to a suspected broken toe, with Paul moving into second position just 3 points behind. Linda narrowly missed getting inside 'evens' whilst Paul's 10 year old son Jim did a '35' before going on and doing a one mile run as triathlon training.

1Paul Martin 24.38
2Mark Edmonds 24.49
3Andy Ballentyne 24.59
4Chris Burley 25.14
5Richard Jordan 27.30
6Linda Speidel 30.02
7Brian Bent 34.09
 Andy Page (API)23.09
 Jim Lewis (Lea Valley Youth)35.59

Maldon and District CC 50m Time Trial

Sunday 6th June - E21/50

Road works caused a last minute change of course with the result that the '50' ended up being nearer 53 miles! This cost Julia Freeman and another Vets 40-50 record which is currently held by mother Wendy in 2.12.49. Her time of 2.13.05 however was good enough for 9th place overall and first in her group. The Winner was Glenn Taylor with a 2.02.17

Club 50 (32nd Assoc.)

Sunday 6th June 2004 - Course E1

Allan Leighton rode his first event for nearly 2 years to record the fastest 50 of the year so far, beating Mark Edmonds and Jim Miller in the process. Both Mark and Jim however went off course and ended up going to the Duxford roundabout which by Mark's reckoning cost him about 12 minutes.

Pos.Name Time
1Allan Leighton 2.12.25
2Mark Edmonds 2.19.40
3Jim Miller 2.42.54

Club Events Points

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 1st June 2004 - Course E14/10

Mark Edmonds rode his first evening 10 of the year and came home the winner in a time of 25.19, 23 seconds ahead of Julia Freeman with Brian puncturing in the wet but warm conditions.

Pos.Name 1st Lap10m
1Mark Edmonds 12.3425.19
2Julia Freeman 12.4025.42
 Brian Bent  DNF

With Chris Burley and Linda away in Germany, Andy Ballentyne not riding due to a cold, Paul Martin working late and Richard stocking up on his booze in France, Julia moves to the top of the table in the Twilight Trophies. Judging by Mark's time however, it looks as though there are going to be many more close results before the end of series.

Basildon 22m Time Trial

Sunday 31st May - Course E22 (Birch)

Julia Freeman was fastest lady in time a time of 55.38 although this was 15 seconds behind her own course record. Winner was Glen Taylor (APi) in 50.42
Paul Martin meanwhile was 7th in the LVRC road race at Eastway.

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 25th May 2004 - Course E14/10

Another close result this week with four riders within 23 seconds of each other. Paul Martin was the fastest whilst Chris Burley turned the table on Julia Freeman, both of whom went back from last week. Andy Ballentyne meanwhile went quicker.
Dave made his racing come back after breaking his collar bone.

Pos.Name 1st Lap10m
1Paul Martin 12.2725.17
2Chris Burley 12.3225.20
3Julia Freeman 12.3324.32
4Andy Ballentyne 12.3825.40
5Dave Spencer 12.5326.14
6Richard Jordan 13.4027.34
7Linda Speidel 15.3531.36
8Paul Allet 16.0933.01
9Brian Bent 16.4534.02

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 18th May 2004 - Course E14/10

Both Julia Freeman and Chris Burley improved this week but Julia was 10 seconds quicker than Chris to take the win. Andy, despite being 3 seconds quicker on the first lap ended up with a time 20 seconds slower whilst Richard without having to contend with a horse improved to 27.14. Paul Martin punctured riding to the start and having forgotten his spare tub meant that he couldn't ride. Linda decided not to ride after last weeks below par performance after donating blood. Brian made his racing debut and ending with a 34.36 after having chain troubles.
Back on bike (although not racing) was Dave Spencer after breaking his collar bone in the Essex Roads Road Race.

Pos.Name 1st Lap10m
1Julia Freeman 12.1724.52
2Chris Burley 12.1825.02
3Andy Ballentyne 12.3125.47
4Richard Jordan 13.3027.14
5Brian Bent 17.1034.36

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 11th May 2004 - Course E14/10

This was a much closer affair than the previous event with 4 riders within 10 seconds of each other. Chris Burley went back 9 seconds to record 25.17, the same time as Julia Freeman who didn't ride the first event due to illness. Paul Martin dropped down to 3rd place while Andy Ballentyne improved 45 seconds.

Pos.Name 1st Lap10m
1=Julia Freeman 12.3225.17
1=Chris Burley 12.2925.17
3 Paul Martin 12.2925.22
4 Andy Ballentyne 12.3425.27
5 Russell Dore 13.3527.18
6 Richard Jordan 13.5127.40
7 Linda Speidel 15.5833.27

E.C.C.A Festival 2004

Saturday 1st May - Eastway

The Eastway '10'

Julia Freeman was fastest Lady in the first event of the Festival, the 10 mile time trial around the Eastway Cycle Circuit. She covered the 10 laps of the undulating course in 26.48. Winner of the event was Guy Andrews (London Dynamo) in 23.27

E91 25m Time Trial

Julia Freeman was again fastest lady and her time of 1.2.05 on the sporting E91 course just missed Molly Swann's Vets 40-50 year 25 mile record of 1.1.51 that was set in 1976.

Monday 3rd May - High Easter

E91 10m Time Trial

Chris Burley was 16th in a time of 24.35 in the cold and very wet conditions on the Monday morning. Linda Speidel narrowly missed 'evens' with a time of 30-19 and both were pleased with their rides in view of the conditions.

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 27th April 2004 - Course E14

Pos. Rider Time
1stPaul Martin 24.34
2ndChris Burley 25.08
3rdAndy Ballentyne 26.12
4thRichard Jordan 27.15
5thRussell Dore 28.01
6thLinda Speidel 30.21

Twilight Trophies

Club 30 (32nd Assoc.)

Sunday 24th April 2004 - Course E1

Warm sunny conditions with a gentle breeze on the sporting E1 course helped Julia Freeman to a new club Womens Vets 40-50 record in 1.16.07 to beat mother Wendy's 1982 record of 1.17.55. Second placed Chris Burley consolidated his lead in the Club Events Points Championship. with Julia moving into second place and Richard staying in third.
The overall winner of the event was Keith Andrewartha (Shaftesbury CC) in 1.08.24

Pos. Rider Time
1stJulia Freeman 1.16.07
2ndChris Burley 1.17.24
3rdRichard Jordan 1.24.17

Easterley Open Hilly 25m Time Trial

Sunday 4th April 2004 - E1/26A

Heavy overnight rain cleared to leave a bright breezy morning with a definite chill in the air. In a close result, S.Emmerson (Epsom CC) edged out Dave Kendall (Finsbury Park) by 14 seconds to run out the winner in a time of 1.1.17. Third place was G Andrews (London Dynamo) a further 6 seconds back. The Chelmer trio of comeback man Ian Browning, Steve Freeman and Anthony Stapleton in 7th 8th and 9th Places claimed the team prize and as they did the Ladies Prize of the Maud Harrison Trophy with Ann Shuttleworth.

131S. EmmersonEpsom CCm1:1:17
230D. KendallFinsbury Park CCm1:1:31
311G. AndrewsLondon Dynamo m1:1:37
46B. RobinsonShaftesbury CCv1:2:31
55S. SmythePCA Ciclos Unom1:2:37
620R. O’RourkePCA Ciclos Unom1:2:42
743I. R. BrowningChelmer CCm1:3:27
821S. FreemanChelmer CCv1:3:42
945A. D. StapletonChelmer CCm1:3:57
1036J. GabrielHinckley CRCv1:4:50
1126R. WrightShaftesbury CCm1:5:02
1235P. WoskolovichBlue Sky Cyclesv1:5:08
1322D. BradnamTeam JD Cyclesm1:5:15
1439N. HornettAPI Respraysm1:5:51
1541D. NockAPI Respraysv1:6:39
164R. TubbsLondon Dynamom1:7:00
1725W. BroadfieldPCA Ciclos Unov1:7:22
1810E. HendonPCA Ciclos Unom1:7:25
1942D. TrangmarLea Valley CCv1:8:00
2013D. MoyEast London Triathletesv1:8:27
2129C. BurleyEasterley RCm1:8:43
222C. ReganChelmer CCv1:11:14
2332G. PainterChelmer CCm1:12:00
2440C. WilgressTeam JD Cyclesm1:12:13
2533T. EckersWelwyn Wheelers CCj1:12:25
2624H. VivianFinsbury Park CCm1:13:09
2717K. OrrinChelmer CCv1:13:13
2812G. BartonChelmer CCv1:13:23
2927B. PageHertfordshire Wheelers CCv1:14:40
3014A. ShuttleworthChelmer CCW1:16:40
313G. WebbMetropolitan Police CCm1:17:22
3234J. HowesCC IslingtonWv1:17:50
3338K. L. DarraghBenfleet Physio Trim1:18:51
3428G. HoweAPI Respraysv1:18:57
358D. MiesnerShaftesbury CCv1:19:04
3644R. JohnsonBrighton Mitre CCv1:21:29
3718J. DegiorgioAPI RespraysWv1:22:23
3819M. RichardsonIcknield RCv1:30:10
16D. FriendBishops Stortford CCvDNF
37N. GreenChelmer CCmDNF
1D. SpencerEasterley RCmDNS
7K. MillerPCA Ciclos UnovDNS
9D. KnottFVS TriWDNS
15R. MellorRedbridge CCmDNS
23H. JonesEast London TriathletesmDNS

Rudy Project Circuit Time Trial Series

Saturday 27th March 2004 - Stetchworth on the E2/25b (organised by the Cambridge T & C)

Former National 10 mile Champion Julia Freeman competed in the first event of this years series and came home as 5th placed Lady and 2nd Veteran with a time of 1-5-35 behind winner Julia Shaw in 1-3-39.
Reigning 50 mile champion Micheal Hutchinson was 4 minutes clear in the Men's event with a '51.

Club 25 (32nd Assoc.)

Sunday 14th March 2004 - Course E1

A very strong wind put paid to any hopes of fast times in the first 32nd Association 25 of the year. The winner was Keith Andrewartha (Shaftesbury CC) who had been hoping for a '55 but had to settle for 1.1.45.
Three Easterley members braved the conditions to record some very old fashioned times with Chris Burley being the fastest to take an early lead in the Club Events Points Championship.
Meanwhile Andy Ballentyne was riding the Ed Taylor Memorial Road Race at Great Thurlow but didn't manage to finish. Dave Spencer had entered the Jock Wadley Road Race at Birch but didn't start due to a heavy cold.

Triathlete Mark Edmonds in training for the London Marathon came 10th in the Brentwood Half Marathon in a very respectable 1-17-24, just 3 minutes down on the winner.

Pos. Rider Time
1st Chris Burley 1.13.02
  Richard Jordan 1.16.21
  Stuart Evans 1.22.27

Club Hilly 20

Sunday 29th Feb 2004 - Course E17/20

A very cold morning saw a hardy group of members stretching their legs for the first club event of the year - two laps of the tough Toot Hill circuit that includes the climbs (dare I say mountains? - well it felt like it anyway!) of Toot Hill and Theydon Mount. Anyway the Toot Hill Mountain Rescue Unit was not required as the snow that forced the cancellation of the North Road Hardriders event in nearby Hertfordshire held off although oxygen would have been appreciated at the top of each climb, not because of the altitude but the cold air deep inside the riders lungs. Dave Spencer showed the effect of losing nearly 3 stone to get back to his old racing weight and powered round the course in 57.33, 8 seconds ahead of Chris.

Pos. Rider Time
1st Dave Spencer 57.33
2nd Chris Burley 57.41
  Julia Freeman 1.01.05
  Andy Ballentyne 1.01.14
  Paul Allet 1.13.06