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Track Results - 2008

LVRC National Track Championships

1-2 November - Newport

Andy Ballentyne rounded off his season with the Silver medal in the 'A' group scratch race at the LVRC version of the national track championships. The 15km (60 lap) race started cageily and gradually built pace but all attacks were quickly nullified. With 5 laps to go 2 riders tried to go it alone but with 2 laps to go were almost back in the bunch. Andy positioned himself in second place in the string behind Peter Georgi who started the sprint on the final lap. Andy came past down the back straight and looked to be heading for the win until Pursuit winner/Points race silver medallist Ian Greenstreet came past in the finishing straight. Andy held off Points race winner Martin Webster however for second place.
Earlier in the weekend, Andy was 6th in the points race scoring 4 points from two 3rd places in the sprints and 6th in the pursuit. 110 riders across all age groups made for a hectic but successful weekend's racing.

Welwyn Track League

Friday 27th June

Events were a bit different this week as it was a special fund raising meeting to resurface the remaining sections of track.
Andy Ballentyne was third in the A group 'Hare and Hounds', with the hares being all those riders who hadn't yet scored points in the league. The larger than normal hares group comfortable held on to their half lap lead even though it split apart towards the end and Andy was 3rd in the sprint. He didn't score in either the Keirin or Points/devil event and then punctured in the final 10 mile just as the A's were about to cathc the B's!

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Border City Whls Grass Track

Carlisle - Sunday 26th May

Andy made the long trip North to ride the Carlisle meeting - and avoid the appalling Bank Holiday weather in the South in the process :) The track was dry, the weather sunny, but a string winds made going tough in the back straight.
The first event was the 800m which was part of the National Short Distance series. Andy had a tough heat with Neil Withington (Andersons Racing) and Dave Heald (VC St. Raphael), and it was these two fighting it out round the final bend until Neil's front wheel went, taking Dave with him. This allowed Andy and Dan Smith (Border City Whls) to cruise past and into the final. In the final, Andy pulled his foot out at the start and so ended up in 6th place overall.
The next event was the 500m handicap but he didn't make the final but did get through in the 1500m handicap. Closing on Steve Grimwood's wheel allowed him a free ride until Stuart Mcmanus (Glasgow Whs) came past. Andy tucked in on his wheel until the last lap when it was a flat out sprint with McManus, Martin Smith (Chesterfield Coureurs), Richard Lambert (Cottingham Coureurs) with Andy ending up in 5th. The 5km was a fast affair with Richard Lambert trying the early break and the rest chasing. With two laps to go, Andy tried to get across the gap but didnlt quite get there, ending up 5th overall in the sprint.

5000m Scratch
1Thomas Walker Torq-Colnago
2Stuart McManus Glasgow Whls
3Richard Lambert Cottingham Coureurs RT
4Matthew Fenton Cottingham Coureurs RT
5Neil Withington Andersons Racing
6Andrew Ballentyne Easterley RC
1Neil Withington Andersons Racing
2Thomas Walker Torq-Colnago
3Stuart McManus Glasgow Whls
4Martin Smith Chesterfield Coureurs
5Matthew Fenton Cottingham Coureurs RT
National Short Distance Grass Track League
1Benedict Elliott VC St Raphael
2David Crawley www.keswickbikes.co.uk
3Richard Lambert Cottingham Coureurs RT
4Chris Bush Gosforth RC
5Daniel Smith  
6Andrew Ballentyne Easterley RC

Photos - 1 Photos - 2

The following day, Andy also rode the Richmond grass track meeting that included the National 400m champs and the first round of the National Endurance Grass Track Series - however he didn't get any placings in either of these.

Welwyn Track League

Friday 9th May

A warm evening with lots of sunshine ensured a large turnout for the popular Welwyn Track League and meant the 'B' cat points race had to be split into two. Andy meanwhile was riding strongly in the 'A' cats but again missing out in the finishing sprints.
The first 10 lap scatch was taken by George Olive (VC St.Raphael) from Tony Gibb (Plowman Craven). John McClelland (Agisko Viner) took the block handicap but from them on Tony was to have it all his own way, winning the devil (where Andy was only knocked out on the penultimate lap) and the final 10 mile, breaking away with Lewis Atkins (Agisko Viner) to finish in a rapid 21.03.

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Welwyn Track League

Friday 2nd May

The rain held off and Andy Ballentyne was riding strongly in the races but lacked a bit of finishing speed to capitalise on it.
The first 'A' category race finished with the bunch just behind Phil Lisher who took an opportunist win, clipping of the front with a lap and a half to go.
The next race was a 10 lap block pursuit and Andy's group gained steadily on the other group with him finishing 5th in the sprint.
The last 10 lapper was a points race, and again although in contention, Andy missed out in the sprint.
The last event of the evening is the 10 mile and Andy made a break immediately after one of the primes however this was pulled back. He picked up the 4th prime just as Joel Stewart made a big effort with Lewis Atkins and John McClelland in tow. Andy dropped into the wheels following this trio however the rider in front let the gap open and Andy didn't have the legs at the crucial moment to go round due to his effort in the prime! These riders drew steadily away to eventually lap the bunch and finish in a time of 21.07.

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Good Friday International Meeting

Friday 21st March - Herne Hill

Although none of the National Squad members were riding (a small matter of the World Championships the following week) the annual Good Friday meeting still boasted a large good quality field with a num,ber of overseas competitors. Conditions were cold but dry apart from a few spots of rain that interrupt the racing.
Andy Ballentyne was down to ride the Points race, the Elimination Race, and the Golden Wheel 20km finale. Racing was fast and furious and he was a little undergeared in the first two races. Putting the gear up for the last race made it more comfortable but there was no stopping a break of hald a dozen rider slipping away with eventual winner Tony Gibb (PCA) lapping the field.

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