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Miscellaneous Results - 2009

Hatfield Broad Oak 10k

24th May 2009

Dave Spencer continued his running campaign with the Hatfield Broad Oak 10k which is his first attempt at the distance, and with over 1,100 runners, came in a respectable 187th with a time of 43.14. He writes:-

"The start is fairly organised given there was 1000 plus running. The organisers tried to categorise you by your expected finish time, you just had to line up in the correct time zone.I expected to finish in 40mins, which meant the really fast 35mins plus started before me. Everybody was given a chip to put on their leg so when you cross the start and finish it registers your official time. Because I started in the middle you still get baulked by some in the first 1k then the field tends to strech (similar to a Road Race start, except it does slow your time down ( as if you got held up in a time trial ). No doubt I must have slowed others down as well. Next time I might, if allowed, try to start with the quickest runners. I kept the run fairly steady till the last 2kand managed to gain some places, but I have got no sprint as I found out in the last 200m, when a Harlow runner came past like he had a rocket up his backside!!! Still I enjoyed the experience."

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