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Road Race Results - 2010

Easterley 'Falling Leaves Road Race'

Sunday 5/9/10 - Littlebury Green Circuit - 3/4/J

Scott Cousins (Maldon & District CC) and Oliver Glackin (East London Velo) jumped away with 3 laps to go and opened up a 1:30 gap on the bunch although this came down slightly by the finish. Scott outsprinted Oliver for the win as well as picking up the first 4th cat prize and both primes! Conditions were dry and bright, and although not as warm as previous years, were still verey pleaseant fro racing in.
Thanks must go to the commissaires and accredited marhsals for making racing possible!

Scott Cousins outsprints Oliver Glackin - Falling Leaves Road Race 2010
Scott Cousins outsprints Oliver Glackin at the end of the 2010 Falling Leaves Road Race.
Thanks to Hugo Robins for this photo

1Scott CousinsMaldon & District CC- @ 2 hours 7 mins 54 secs
2Oliver GlackinEast London Velo 
3Vladimir PilloncaPrivate Member- @ 1 mins 9 secs
4Roy McGregorLondon Dynamo 
5Mark PorterGlade CC 
6Matthew CarterMaldon & District CC 
7Martin PeckLondon Phoenix CC 
8James WylieVelo Schils - Interbike RT- @ 1 mins 10 secs
9Iain HolmesVirgin Active- @ 1 mins 11 secs
10Jonathan NeedhamFinchley Racing Team- @ 1 mins 13 secs
11Gonzalo RodriguezEast London Velo 
12Simon HimeFinchley RT- @ 1 mins 25 secs
13Kevin WoodruffVC Norwich 
14Nicholas FaintFinchley Racing Team- @ 1 mins 27 secs
15Kristof NeysLondon Dynamo/Prologue 
16Nigel HobdayCambridge CC 
17William McFarlandEast London Velo 
18Richard PriceLondon Phoenix CC 
19Frank RawlinsNorth Road CC 
20David YouellEagle RC- @ 1 mins 29 secs
21Thomas CaldwellSt Ives CC- @ 1 mins 30 secs
22Steve SextonNorth Road CC- @ 1 mins 39 secs
23Robert GibbsEast London Velo- @ 1 mins 40 secs
24Harry JamesPrivate Member 
25Elliott KatzLondon Dynamo/Prologue 
26Chris Choa London Dynamo  
27Ralph KeelerCambridge CC 
28Harry DaviesEast London Velo- @ 1 mins 49 secs
29Terry GarlingeEast London Velo- @ 1 mins 51 secs
30James SamuelCrest CC - Ilford- @ 3 mins 59 secs
31Brad LambGlade CC- @ 4 mins 32 secs
32Carmelo LuggeriCC Ashwell- @ 1 lap
33Hugo RobinsEast London Velo 
34James BonningtonVC Long Eaton 
35Darren De-BegerGlendene CC / Bike Trax 
DNFStuart ClarkeChelmer CC 
DNFRussell TribleyChelmer CC 
DNFDarren HigginsEast London Velo 
DNFStephen MurrellEast London Velo 
DNFPaul BurgoineFinchley Racing Team 
DNFJason RogersGateway Cycling 
DNFHamish HoreMaldon & District CC 
DNFRichard SomersetNorth Road CC 
DNFAdrian WardShaftesbury CC 
DNFPeter HumphreysSouthend Wheelers 
DNFJack ClarkVC Norwich 
DNFAndrew ElderfieldVC Revolution 
DNFIain HibbertWest Suffolk Whs 
DNFTim SavageMaldon & District CC 
DNFRichard HallPrivate Member 
DNSKevin JenningsCambridge CC 
DNSJeffrey OrreyEssex Roads CC 
DNSIan Badman-DunphyGateway Cycling 
DNSRichard BayfieldLondon Phoenix CC 
DNSTim BrownNorth Road CC 
DNSJames CookShaftesbury CC 
DNSRichard ParrotteShaftesbury CC 
DNSGordon CobbStowmarket & District CC 
DNSJoe NorledgeWelland Valley CC 
DNSGraham McKenziePrivate Member 

Ciclos Uno 'Last Of The Summer Wine' Series (LVRC)

Sunday 29/8/10 - Hog Hill - ABCD cats.

The large bunch were in no mood to hang around in the windy conditions and soon caught the E+ group, and then just as quickly lapped them. It was during the confusion of overtaking the E's that four riders took the opportunity to slip away - Rob Windsor (East London Velo), Damian Foy (Eagle RC), a rider from the Addiscombe and one other. They gradually drew away from the bunch despite the fact that it was still working hard. The pressure told at the front as one rider slipped off the break but they still maintained their lead. At one point a small chase group formed including Andy Ballentyne, Trevor Whittock, Martin Meades and Barry Neal but this was soon brought back. And then with approx 7 laps to go the bunch split with Andy Ballentyne in the first group.
The leading trio fought out the finish with Rob taking the sprint from Damian and the Addiscombe rider, whilst behind Andy placed himself on Dave Farrow's wheel into the last bend, and although he challenged hard, he couldn't come past. Colin Jinks slipped up the inside however to take 4th, Dave 5th and Andy 6th.

LVRC Hog Hill Series

Andy Ballentyne was third overall for the 'B' Category in the LVRC Hog Hill Series, held every fortnight on Thursdays.

LVRC Region 9 Championships

Saturday 23/8/10 - Hog Hill - AB cats.

A small bunch and strong winds made things hard for all the riders. Simon Wright (CC Sudbury) made an early break and was soon chased by Rob Windsor (East London Velo). Dave Farrow (Eagle RC) then jumped across to them and this trio pulled away to eventually lap the bunch with Dave Farrow winning the sprint. Colin Jinks (Team Quest) and Malcolm Jeffries (VC Elan) also jumped away with Malcolm finishing ahead of Colin. Behind in the bunch, Richard Norris (Interbike) jumped on the last lap and Andy Ballentyne couldn't quite pull him back and had to settle for seventh overall

Full Results (LVRC)

Ford CC Dunton Series (LVRC)

Thursday 20/8/10 - Dunton - ABCD cats.

An untimely puncture whilst in a break spoiled what was a good chance of a win in the final event of the series plus outright second place overall for Andy Ballentyne.
On the 2nd or 3rd lap, Steve Murrell (East London Velo) drifted off the front down the back straight, Martin Meades (APi) jumped after him but after a brief response from the bunch they sat back. Andy then jumped after Martin coming round the bottom loop and was joined by Martin Ryan (Ford CC). They made the junction with Martin and Steve on the hill on the top loop and then with Barry Neal (APi), Dave Farrow (Eagle RC) and Jason Rogers (Gateway CC) joining, they quickly established a gap. The first prime wasn't contested as the break concentrated on increasing the lead and Martin Meades took the second.
With Tim Brown (who was equal on points) not riding, Andy only need to finish in the break to take second place outright as there were only two other B cats in there. However after about 35 minutes of racing a rear wheel puncture meant the finish of the race for him. Martin Meades sportingly offered a spare wheel however as they were 10 speed and Andy was on 9, these were unsuitable (time to upgrade!!!). The break carried on and established a lead of well over 2 minutes and Barry lead out Martin Meades for the win, followed home by Jason, Steve, Martin Ryan, Dave and then Barry.
Barry had already wrapped up the series win but extended his lead to finish on 14 points to Andy and Tim's, 8 with Martin Meades moving up to 4th on 6.

Full Results & Final Rankings (London Cycle Sport)

Ford CC Dunton Series (LVRC)

Thursday 5/8/10 - Dunton - ABCD cats.

The bunch was a bit lethargic with only Dave Farrow making any meaningful attempt to get away, probably helped by the fact the probably top three 'B' cats - Barry Neal (APi), Andy Ballentyne and Tim Brown (North Road CC) were all riding and didn't want to waste any energy when points would count at the finish. Andy did sneak away coming into the final bend for a long sprint to claim the second prime however it finally all came down to a bunch sprint.
Tim - currently lying in second place in the B cats found himeself on the front going round the final loop buy then didn't have the legs finish off. Andy however was blocked a behind however whilst Martin Meades (APi) led out Barry. Andy did manage to get round Tim but was too late to pull back Barry and Martin to end up 5th overall and 3rd B. Dominic Gabellini was the overall winner with Richard Somerset (North Road) 4th.
In the overall series, Barry's 3 points for 1st B cat means he has won the B cat series with 12 points and one race to go, whilst Andy moves up to second place tied with Tim - both on 8 points.

Full Results & Ranking (London Cycle Sport)

Redbridge CC Road Race

Sunday 25/7/10 - Matching Circuit - 2/3/4 cats - 57 miles

A crash on the 4th lap caused the race to be neutralised while it re-grouped. On the bends between Matching and Matching Green, a rider went round on the wrong side of the road and clipped a car come the other way, causing several other riders to come off and a split in the bunch. Fortunately no one was seriously injured although the car ran over the first rider's bike which broke in two! Andy Ballentyne was caught behind the crash and was chasing to get back on when the race was neutralised and then stopped on Hatfield Heath to allow the Commissaire and First Aid to catch up.
On the restart, the race was shortened by a lap leaving approximately 15 miles left to race, and with Dieter Rowe (VC Norwich) and Jamie Caldwell allowed to re-gain their 25 second lead they had when the race was stopped, it was going to be a fast finish. The large bunch was breathing down the leading riders necks coming up to the finish over the M11, however Dieter held on by inches with Jamie 3rd, split by Steven Griffiths (Ordbea).
Andy Ballentyne however was too near the end of the field at the final turn in Sheering to contest the sprint and so just cruised to the finish from there.

Full Result (ERRL)

National Youth Circuit Race Championships

Saturday 24/7/10 - Hog Hill

An honorable mention must go to Aaron Freeman - son of our Chairman Julia and second claim member Steve who won the Under 8's National Youth Circuit Race Championships at Hog Hill. Aaron followed another rider who went away at the start and carried on when the other faded and managed to stay for the whole race.

Full Result (London Cycle Sport More photos (London Cycle Sport & Dave Hayward)

Ford CC Dunton Series (LVRC)

Thursday 22/7/10 - Dunton - ABCD cats.

The rain that was threatening never materialised and riders had almost perfect conditions for racing. Martin Meades (APi) and Phil Holloway (Southend Whls) got away for several laps with Phil picking up the second prime but were eventually pulled back. Just as it looked as though it woudl come down to a bunch sprint, Domenic Gabellini (Rapha Condor), Tim Brown (North Road) and one other rider slipped away on the penultimate lap. The third rider couldn't sustain the pace and was swallowed by the bunch but Dominic showed his class and sprinted home ahead of Tim. In the bunch behind, Martin lead a chase with team mate Barry Neal on his wheel. Andy Ballentyne tucked in Barry's wheel and round the final bend Richard Somerset (North Road) made a move on the outside. Andy switched to his wheel and then jumped past up the finishing straight to take the bunch sprint by about half a bike length for 3rd overall.
In the overall series, Tim's 3 points for 1st B cat moves up to clear second place (was tying with Andy on 5 points), one point behind Barry who is now on 9 while Andy slips back to 3rd overall on 7 points.

Rapha Condor Summer Series - Round 6

Saturday 17/7/10 - Hog Hill (Lower Circuit) - ABCD cats.(LVRC)

Andy Ballentyne could only manage 11th place after the race split into two and he was on the wrong side of the split!

Full Result (London Cycle Sport) More photos (London Cycle Sport & Dave Hayward)

LVRC Hog Hill Series

Thursday 8/7/10 - Hog Hill (Lower Circuit) - ABCD cats.

Callum Gough, Robin Osborne and Julian Cunnington - jumped away from the C/D group almost from the start and had even increased their half lap start on the A/B's by the time that group caught the rest of the C/D's. At one point it looked as though this trio might catch the combined bunch but faded towards the end - not enough however to give a chance of being caught.
Andy Ballentyne just missed out on a prime for his group and then had to settle for 4th in the bunch sprint up the Hoggenberg (7th overall) led home by Dave Farrow.
Full Result (London Cycle Sport)

LVRC Hog Hill Series

Thursday 1/7/10 - Hog Hill (Lower Circuit) - ABCD cats.

The racing was a bit lethargic due to the enervating conditions but the small group of A/B cats soon caught the C/Ds. The combined group then stayed together despite a few tentative breaks - mainly by Dave Farrow with Andy Ballentyne picking up the second prime. On the last lap, an East London Velo rider put in a strong effort but was marked by Andy and then Dave attacked up the Hoggenberg. Andy tried to latch on to his wheel but couldn't stay with him and with Quentin Tring coming past on the final bend - ended up in 3rd place.

Ford CC Dunton Series (LVRC)

Thursday 24/6/10 - Dunton - ABCD cats.

Humid conditions with very little wind meant a fast pace with only a few tentative breaks, one of which by Andy Ballentyne after the first prime was quickly nullified. Andy did however win the second prime and was feeling confident for the final sprint. Martin Meades (APi) made a determined break with 3 1/2 laps to go but was brought back although he still had the strength to lead out team mate Barry Neale in the final sprint. Andy was on Barry's shoulder but in the final charge for the line didn't have the legs and ended up in 9th. Barry however profited from a fine lead out to land his first win of the series.
Full Result (London Cycle Sport)

LVRC Hog Hill Series

Thursday 17/6/10 - Hog Hill (Lower Circuit) - ABCD cats.

An early break by Andy Ballentyne on the first lap came to nothing and then Graham Galvin (East London Velo) and Dave Farrow got away shortly after. They formed a useful lead of 25 seconds which they held to the finish with Graham winning the sprint from Dave. Behind, Andy marked a last minute attempt by a North Road rider and then opened up the sprint on the 'Hoggenberg' but could not hold off Steve Sexton and Richard Somerset (both North Road CC) from coming round him at the finish to end up with 5th overall.

Full Result (London Cycle Sport)

Rapha Condor Summer Series - Round 3

Saturday 12/6/10 - Hog Hill (Lower Circuit) - ABCD cats.(LVRC)

The A/B's caught the C/D's to form one large group which stayed together until a group of 4 four riders developed, including Dave Farrow (Eagle RC) and Craig Stevens (Ciclos Uno). The bunch worked hard but couldn't quite close the gap and had to settle for sprinting for third. In the sprint, Andy Ballentyne led out the final charge up the 'Hoggenberg' but was overtaken by Domenic Gabellini (Rapha CC) and John McDowall (North Road) and so was 6th overall.

Full Result (London Cycle Sport) More photos (London Cycle Sport & Dave Hayward)

Ford CC Dunton Series (LVRC)

Thursday 10/6/10 - Dunton - ABCD cats.

The North Road again got one up on the bunch (or two up in this case) as Richard Somerset and Tim Brown got away in the last few laps of the race and just stayed away for the win, again helped by plenty of team mates patrolling behind. In the bunch sprint, Martin Meades (APi) led out team mate Barry Neale with Andy Ballentyne on Barry's wheel. Andy couldn't come round Barry however and had to settle for 4th.
Earlier in the race Andy had been away with Barry and Steve Murrell (East London Velo) for a few laps but were re-caught by the bunch in the windy conditions. Andy also picked up the third prime
Full Result (London Cycle Sport)

LVRC Hog Hill Series

Thursday 3/6/10 - Hog Hill (Lower Circuit) - ABCD cats.

Graham Galvin and Rob Windsor (both East London Velo) managed to break away and with good blocking tactics from teammate Steve Murrell stayed away to the finish. John McDowall (North Road) slipped away on the last lap and Andy Ballentyne was 7th in bunch sprint (10th overall) led home by Dave Farrow.
Full Result (LVRC)

Ford CC Dunton Series (LVRC)

Thursday 27/5/10 - Dunton - ABCD cats.

John McDowall (North Road CC) slipped away from the bunch on the last lap for the win, helped by a number of team mates who obviously were not willing to chase him down. Not far behind, Andy Ballentyne was fighting out the bunch sprint but had to settle for eventual 5th place behind Domenic Gabellini (Rapha Condor), Barry Neal (API-Metrow) and and Tim Brown (North Road). Earlier in the race Andy had twice tried to get away after each of the first two primes. When these attempts didn't work he then picked up the 3rd prime as a consolation.
Full Result (LVRC)

Rapha Condor Summer Series - Round 1

Saturday 15/5/10 - Hog Hill (Lower Circuit) - ABCD cats.(LVRC)

Rob Windor (East London Velo) and Phil Holloway (Southend Whls) jumped away early in the race and eventually joined up with Domenic Gabellini and Quentin Tring from the C/D race to form a race winning group. Andy Ballentyne tried a number of times to get away from the bunch but was pulled back each time. On the final lap of the lower circuit James Conway and Andy Defrates slipped away from the bunch whilst Andy, Richard Somerset and Mark Walter got a small gap on the remains of the bunch on the final lap using the full circuit. Richard just pipped Andy in the sprint for 5th.

Results (London Cycle Sport) More photos (London Cycle Sport)

Ford CC Dunton Series (LVRC)

Thursday 13/5/10 - Dunton - ABCD cats.

Two riders from the VC Meudon - Jason Edwards and Ashley Holding managed to escape at different points mid race. They eventually joined up and worked well together to establish a comfortable 1m30s lead at the end. In the bunch Andy Ballentyne had made a couple of attempts to get away but was pulled back each time. It all came down to bunch sprint for third place and with Andy positioning himself in second spot around the last banking was well placed to latch on to Tim Browne's (North Road CC) wheel when he opened the sprint. Into the finishing straight Andy overtook Tim and opened up a couple of bike lengths gap on Tim and his team mate Richard Somerset who were given joint 4th. Full Result (LVRC)
This was much better result than the Essex Roads crits the previous Saturday using the full circuit at Hog Hill where he was dropped mid race; and the ECCA Festival road race where he punctured on the second lap!

More photos (London Cycle Sport & Dave Hayward)
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