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Track Results - 2010

LVRC National Track Championships

Newport - 16/17th October 2010

A crash caused by a broken crank (again!) on the Thursday before the championships didn't help Andy Ballentyne's preparations for the championships. The injuries were forgotten in the heat of the racing however as there was too much else going on.
The points race was for combined A and B cats and a break went early on. Although Andy tried to get across to them he found himself in no-man's land for several laps and paid the price later in the race.
The following morning was the 3km pursuit with Andy recording a 4:03.94, not spectacular but enough to set a club record for the age group.
Andy's final event was the 15km scratch race which set off a very fast pace with and average speed of 51kph at half distance! Ian Greenstreet still managed to find the strength and speed to get away for half the race but was pulled back just before the finish which ended in a bunch sprint.

Full Results

Team Welwyn Grass Track Meeting

Sele School, Hertford - 1st August 2010

Conditions were dusty and fast after the drought we've been having for the last few weeks and the racing reflected that.
Andy BAllentyne got througth to the semi final of the 800m - part of the National Short Distance Series - but had to go wide round a rider and just missed a place in the final as a result. He did however win the minor final comfortably leading from start to finish. Phil Lisher won the major final from John McClelland and Tim Snook.
The next event was the 8km scratch which formed part of the National Endurance Series, and was a fast pace throughout. Matthew Fenton attacked early on followed by Andy Ballentyne and a group of 6 riders went clear of the bunch - Matthew, Andy, John, Phil, Gavin Daley and Simon Daw. Andother attack from Matthew saw off Simon and then a last lap attack by Phil strung out the field with Andy 5th.
It was a similar scenario in the Devil with the same 6 riders going clear with Andy again coming 5th.
Andy teamed up with Gary Wood (Maldon & District) for the 3km madison - Gary's first ever madison! It was a bit chaotic at times and they weren't placed.
The points gained during this and previous grass track meetings now take Andy up to a second cat, currently with 54 points.

Team Welwyn Blog

European Masters Track Championships

Manchester - 30th July 2010

Andy Ballentyne travelled up to Manchester for the Euro Masters Points Race but didn;t get though his qualiftying heat! The heat was held over 40 laps (10km) and involved four sprints to find to the top 11 riders in each heat. He was too far bacvk to contest the firts sprint, missed out by one place in the second and then a break went which mopped up the remaining points.

Colchester Rovers Grass Track Meeting

Shrub End Sports Ground, - 4th July 2010

Shrub End has traditionally been a fast track, and even though the meeting was held on smaller 300m track (than the old 400m track), it still lived up to its reputation. This suited Andy Ballentyne who started with 4th place in the 2 lap time trial; got through to the final of the 800m handicap where he was 3rd, and was in the leading group in the 8km - part of the National Endurance series. An early break from the start by Mike Smith was brought back by a chase group consisting of Andy, Richard Lambert, Phil Lisher, Nathan Miller, Simon Daw and Matthew Fenton. Several trentative attacks from Richard Lambert were nullified until he eventually got away on his own for a well deserved win. Behind, the chase group wound it up for the sprint with Phil leading out from Matthew with Andy challenging but he couldn't come round and so finished in 4th.

Full Results

Plomesgate Grass Track Meeting

Bredfield - 3rd July 2010

3rd place in the minor final of the 800m scratch and 5th in the 8km - both part of the National Short and Endurance Series' respectively were Andy Ballentyne's best results. The final of the 800m was a close tussle with Tim Snook, Phil Lisher and Tony Wilkins line abreast coming up the finishing straight - Tony taking the verdict. In the 8km, Phil, Dave Langlands, Mike Smith and Simon Daw broke away to lap the rest of the fields with Phil sprinting it out weith Dave to take the win.
Videos of the event taken by Simon Daw on a helmet cam are on You Tube here

Easterley / Brentwood Rotary Club Open Grass Track Meeting

The Brentwood Centre - 27th June 2010

The hottest day of the year so far greeted the riders which was a far cry from the gale force winds of last year. An incraese in field size in both the Senior and Youth events meant competitive racing alround, especially with points at stake in both the National Short and Endurance Series events and the current series' leader Richard Lambert not riding.

National Masters Sprint Champion John McClelland opened up his account with a win in a competitive Devil ahead of Phil Lisher and another (ex Masters Chmpaion, Bryan Taylor.

Attention then turned to the National Short Distance Series with the ceded riders progressing through their heats along with some relative newcomers to grass track, although Tim Snook is an ex National Cycle Speedway Champion as his turn of speed showed. In the first semi final however a crash caused by a mini whirlwind lifting Tim and Phil Lisher off their bikes caused a re-run which both riders got through - this time unscathed. A hard fought final saw Phil triumph ahead of John and Tim and with the 30 points for the win leapfrogs current leader Richard Lambert (on 42) to take his total to 60 and Tim goes to 3rd overall.

Newcomer Susan Wood (Maldon and District CC) won the 800m handicap in fine style ahead of Daniel Zagni and Tim.

A new event to the grass was a 2 lap madison sprint team event - one rider doing a one lap standing start to change with their partner who did the second lap. This allowed for mixed teams - men and ladies, seniors and youths. Oldest rider Max Pendleton (Father of Olympic Champion Victoria) teamed up with one of the youngest - Ed Goater to set a fast time which wasn't beaten until Tim and Daniel eventually topped it on their re-run (having messed up their handsling on the first attempt and come off!). Their time withstood the challenge of experienced team Bryan and John who missed out by 2/10ths.

The National Endurance Series event over 8km proved to be a tough, hard fast race with a group of eight riders forming early on and taking turns to attack each other. In the last few laps, Bryan managed to get away with Gavin Daley for company whilst John McClelland could not quite get across to them - Bryan winning the sprint. His 30 points for the win takes him in to second spot in the National Series on 82 points behind Richard Lambert on 85. Phil remains in 4th whilst Gavin moves up one place to 5th.

In the Ladies Omnium, Sarra Boyd showed her strength and experience to win all the events except the 800m handicap, although Susan Wood showed good promise for furture events.

With 11 entries, this enabled the youth omnium to be split into two. In the A's, Alan Trolove started off with a win in the Time Trial ahaed of Ed Goater and didn't look back coming home by 8 points to 15 - not having it all his own way however with Ed picking up the 2 lap scratch. In the B/C's Jonathan Sjolin showed his class but did have a hiccup in the Devil where he pulled his foot out and was eliminated on the first lap. Youth Freewheeler results to follow.

Lastly a big thank you again to the Brentwood Rotary club for providing the incentive and cash to run this meeting.

Senior Devil

15John McClellandAgiskoviner1
1Phil LisherTeam Welwyn2
2Bryan TaylorVC Londres3
3Philip HetzelIpswich BC4
5Gavin DaleyVC Lincoln5
9Max PendletonMildenhall CC6
14Tim SnookIpswich BC7
11Peter LiffordBecontree Wheelers8
7Daniel ZagniIpswich BC9
10Pete WhelanPlomesgate CC10
12Chris BurleyEasterley RC11
8Simon DawCC Sudbury12
6Simon LayfieldTeam Welwyn13
16Ian DamantEssex Roads14

National Short Distance Series (500m scratch) - Heat 1

14Tim SnookIpswich BC1
1Phil LisherTeam Welwyn2
12Chris BurleyEasterley RC3
9Max PendletonMildenhall CC4
6Simon LayfieldTeam Welwyn5

National Short Distance Series (500m scratch) - Heat 2

7Daniel ZagniIpswich BC1
43Mike SmithColchester Rovers2
4Nathan MillerXRT-Emly Cycles3
13Gary WoodMaldon & District CC4
3Philip HetzelIpswich BC5
10Pete WhelanPlomesgate CC6

National Short Distance Series (500m scratch) - Heat 3

15John McClellandAgiskoviner1
5Gavin DaleyVC Lincoln2
11Peter LiffordBecontree Wheelers3
8Simon DawCC Sudbury4
16Ian DamantEssex Roads5

National Short Distance Series (500m scratch) - Repecharge 1

12Chris BurleyEasterley RC1
11Peter LiffordBecontree Wheelers2
13Gary WoodMaldon & District CC3
10Pete WhelanPlomesgate CC4
16Ian DamantEssex Roads5

National Short Distance Series (500m scratch) - Repecharge 1

3Philip HetzelIpswich BC1
4Nathan MillerXRT-Emly Cycles2
8Simon DawCC Sudbury3
6Simon LayfieldTeam Welwyn4

National Short Distance Series (500m scratch) - Semi Final 1

14Tim SnookIpswich BC1
1Phil LisherTeam Welwyn2
5Gavin DaleyVC Lincoln3
12Chris BurleyEasterley RC4

National Short Distance Series (500m scratch) - Semi Final 2

15John McClellandAgiskoviner1
7Daniel ZagniIpswich BC2
43Mike SmithColchester Rovers3
3Philip HetzelIpswich BC4

National Short Distance Series (500m scratch) - Minor Final

3Philip HetzelIpswich BC1
5Gavin DaleyVC Lincoln2
43Mike SmithColchester Rovers3
12Chris BurleyEasterley RC4

National Short Distance Series (500m scratch) - Final

1Phil LisherTeam Welwyn1
15John McClellandAgiskoviner2
14Tim SnookIpswich BC3
7Daniel ZagniIpswich BC4

Senior 800m Handicap - Heat 1

7Daniel ZagniIpswich BC801
8Simon DawCC Sudbury902
4Nathan MillerXRT-Emly Cycles803
3Philip HetzelIpswich BC754
11Peter LiffordBecontree Wheelers1105
43Mike SmithColchester Rovers 6
22Karen LiffordVC Nottingham1407
10Pete WhelanPlomesgate CC958

Senior 800m Handicap - Heat 2

5Gavin DaleyVC Lincoln751
14Tim SnookIpswich BC602
23Susan WoodMaldon & District CC1403
21Sarra BoydMildenhall CC1004
9Max PendletonMildenhall CC955
13Gary WoodMaldon & District CC806

Senior 800m Handicap - Final

23Susan WoodMaldon & District CC1401
7Daniel ZagniIpswich BC802
14Tim SnookIpswich BC603
8Simon DawCC Sudbury904
5Gavin DaleyVC Lincoln755
4Nathan MillerXRT-Emly Cycles806
21Sarra BoydMildenhall CC1007

National Endurance Series - 8km Scratch

2Bryan TaylorVC Londres1
5Gavin DaleyVC Lincoln2
15John McClellandAgiskoviner3
1Phil LisherTeam Welwyn4
4Nathan MillerXRT-Emly Cycles5
8Simon DawCC Sudbury6
43Mike SmithColchester Rovers7
3Philip HetzelIpswich BC8
10Pete WhelanPlomesgate CC9

Ladies Omnium

NoRiderClubCategoryDevil takes the hindmostTwo lap scratch sprint800m HandicapFour lap scratch sprint8km scratchTotal PointsFinal Position
21Sarra BoydMildenhall CCLady111110022111161
23Susan WoodMaldon & District CCLady222214011222292
22Karen LiffordVC NottinghamLady 3333140333333153

Youth Omniums

NoRiderClubCategoryOne lap timetrial2 lap handicapTwo lap scratch sprintDevil takes the hindmostFour lap scratch sprintTotal PointsFinal Position
Youth A 
36Alan TroloveWest Suffolk WheelersA32.75113322111181
39Ed GoaterCC AshwellA32.952244114444152
31Ben BaileyWelwyn WheelersA33.543355443322173
40Keiran BradyEly & District CCA33.584466332255204
32George WoodMaldon & District CCA34.865577555533255
37George BatemanTeam WelwynA36.406622666666266
33Sherilyn PowellChelmer CCA40.957711777777297
Youth B/C 
35Jonathan SjolinWest Suffolk WheelersB34.50112211441191
34Mitchell PowellChelmer CCC37.642233332222122
41James JacksonColchester Rovers CCC38.753344221133133
42Catlin DouglasColchester Rovers CCC43.354411443344164

Team Event - 2 lap madison sprint

1Daniel ZagniTim Snook1.04.32
2Bryan TaylorJohn McClelland1.04.57
3Alan TroloveJonathan Sjolin1.06.79
4Ed GoaterMax Pendleton1.07.22
5Ben BaileyGeorge Wood1.07.70
6George BatemanSimon Layfield1.08.92
7Philip HetzelSimon Daw1.09.54
8Karen LiffordPeter Lifford1.13.54
9Gary WoodSusan Wood1.13.61
10Mitchell PowellSherilyn Powell1.16.36
11Catlin DouglasJames Jackson1.22.26

Eastern Region / ECCA Track Championships

Welwyn - 20th June 2010

Andy Ballentyne rode the regional track champs ending up in 11th place in the pursuit with a 3-48.05 but missed the break in the 10 mile. Full results and write up at Welwyn Wheelers website

Ipswich BC Grass Track meeting

Sprites School, Ipswich - 6th June 2010

Andy Ballentyne qualified for the second round of the sprint - part of the National Short Distance Series - but didn't make the final. He did make the final of the 800m handicap but wasn't placed. Full results and write up at East Anglian Daily Times website

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