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Time Trial Results - 2010

Fastest Times for 2010

Final Positions

Distance Rider Time Event Date
10 Clayton Knight23.18 ECCA Championship 1005/06/2010
25 Clayton Knight58.52 VTTA 25 19/06/2010
50 Clayton Knight2.05.54ECCA 50 22/05/2010
100 Clayton Knight4.27.53ECCA 100 27/06/2010
12 hour       
Vets 25 on Age Standard
Fastest Junior in a 10

Club Championship 2010

Final Positions

DistanceTimeSpeed (mph)
Av.Speed (mph)  

Women's Championship 2010

Final Position

Distance Time Speed (mph)
Av.Speed (mph)  

Junior Championship 2010

Final Position

Distance Time Speed (mph)
Av.Speed (mph)  

Vets Championship - 2010

Event Date Age Dist Time Av Speed Standard Plus St. Speed+(-) MPH

Club Events Points Championship - 2010

Final Positions

Points allocation: 20, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 for 1st - 10th places.
In the event of a tie, each rider will be awarded that position's points.

  Club Hilly 20 - 29/02/2010 32nd Assoc 25 - 21/03/2010 32nd Assoc 30 - 18/04/2010 32nd Assoc 50 - 01/08/2010 32nd Assoc 25 - 05/09/2010 Club 10 - 19/09/09
Total Pos. Rider   Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points
20 1 Paul Allet     1.16.201 20              
20 1 Andrew Ballentyne         1.19.281 20          

The Twilight Trophies

Final Positions

Top 12 placings (out of 15) to count (the Come Try it doesn't count).
Points allocation: 20, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 for 1st - 10th places
In the event of a tie, each rider will be awarded that position's points.

  27/04/2010 11/05/2010 18/05/2010 25/05/2010 01/06/2010 08/06/2010 15/06/2010 22/06/2010 29/06/2010 06/07/2010 13/07/2010 20/07/2010 27/07/2010 03/08/2010 10/08/2010
Best 12 Total (All) Pos. Rider   Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points
190 190 1 Andrew Ballentyne   26.15 2 15 26.13 1 20 25.29 2 15 25.42 1 20             25.12 1 20       26.08 1 20 26.18 1 20 25.06 1 20 26.14 1= 20 25.24 1 20            
108 108 2 Dave Spencer   27.06 3 12       27.25 4 10 27.47 3 12                         27.03 3 12 27.57 3 12 25.56 2 15 26.14 1= 20 27.05 2 15            
85 85 3 Clayton Knight   26.04 1 20 26.33 2 15       26.29 2 15 26.28 1 20       26.17 2 15                                                
66 66 4 Chris Burley         27.07 3 12 26.15 3 12       26.35 2 15       26.27 3 12             26.54 2 15                              
30 30 5 Steve Freeman               25.08 1 20                                     28.35 4 10                              
16 16 6 Liam Jordan         37.53 4 10 37.32 6 6                                                                        
15 15 7 Julia Freeman L                                                 26.50 2 15                                    
10 10 8 Richard Jordan   32.11 4 10                                                                                    
8 8 9 Paul Allet               30.19 5 8                                                                        

Club Evening '10'

Tuesday 27th July - E14/10a edcq

Andy Griffiths did a storming 21.39 to put nearly 4 minutes into his nearest challenger, Andy Ballentyne. This is possibly a new course record?

Twilight Trophy.

Pos.Rider1st Lap2nd Lap10m
1Andy Ballentyne12.3312.5125.24
2Dave Spencer13.1913.4627.05
 Andy Griffiths (PTT)10.4310.5621.39
 Dave Giles (Crest CC)13.4111.5525.36
 Ian Sanuel (Crest CC)13.0813.3626.44
 J.Samuel (Crest CC)13.1613.3626.52
 Kristian Hegerty (PTT)13.2213.4127.03
 Les Howell (Ciclos Uno)13.2413.4527.09
 Russell Dore13.5713.5427.51

Club Evening '10'

Tuesday 20th July - E14/10 'B'

Back to the revised course due to traffic lights again appearing on our original course, the hot and humid conditions plus the hilly nature of the course appeared to favour Dave Spencer with his best time of the series so far - a 26.14 to tie with Andy Ballentyne who struggled a bit up Shonks Mill Lane. This moves him up to second place overall in the Twilight Trophy.

Pos. Rider Time
1= Andy Ballentyne26.14
1= Dave Spencer 26.14
  J.Thorpe (Crest CC) 26.31
  Richard Stevens (Crest CC)27.31

Club Evening '10'

Tuesday 13th July - E14/10a

Back to the original course and conditions were somewhat cooler and fresher than previous weeks. With depleted numbers due to various reasons, Andy Ballentyne the fastest of the evening with 25.06 - his quickest of the 10 series so far; and Dave moves up to 3rd in the Twilight Trophy.

Pos.Rider 1st Lap2nd Lap10m
1Andy Ballentyne12.2712.3925.06
2Dave Spencer13.1713.3926.56
 J.Thorpe (Crest CC)12.4913.2326.12
 Liam Jordan17.48N/A17.48

Club Evening '10'

Tuesday 6th July - E14/10 'B'

Still on the revised course due to the road works on the original course (however back to the old course next week), a stiff breeze made things difficult to Shonks Mill Lane but was then generally helpful. Adam Norris was the fastest on the night with 24.22 and Andy Ballentyne the quickest Easterley rider with 26.18.

Twilight Trophy.
Pos. Rider Time
1 Andy Ballentyne26.18
2 Chris Burley 26.54
3 Dave Spencer 27.57
4 Steve Freeman 28.35
  Adam Norris (Orbea - For Goodness Shakes)24.22
  Mark Porter (Glade CC)25.10
  Ian Franklin (Crest CC)26.24

Shaftesbury 50

Saturday 4th June - E2/50

Summer is definitely here, another very hot and windy day. An exceptionally strong field, with national BAR contenders, Bason, Jenkinson and Bowdler ahead of all others. Easterley's Clayton Knight recorded 2.05.56

Club Evening '10' - Interclub

Tuesday 30th June - E14/10 'B'

New roadworks which meant the cancellation of the previous weeks's event also forced a change of course for our annual interclub 10 against the Chelmer CC to the 'old' E14 which actually measures out to apporximately 10.4 miles. Dave Nicholls was the fastest rider of the evening with an excellent 23.56 and with only 3 riders, the Easterley forfeited the team prize (2 Seniors, 1 Vet and 1 Lady or Junior to count). Andy Ballentyne was the quickest Easterley rider and with Clayton Knight not riding after the weekend's ECCA 100, extends his lead in the Twilight Trophy.

1Dave NichollsChelmer23.56
2Peter BartonChelmer25.09
3Andy BallentyneEasterley26.08
4Erron FieldChelmer26.09
5Julia FreemanEasterley26.50
6Dave SpencerEasterley27.03
7Anne ShuttleworthChelmer27.59
8Paul ColemanChelmer32.10

ECCA 100

Sunday 27th June - E2/100

What a difference from last week, today most riders were complaining that the conditions were too hot! Suntan lotion was required along with plenty of fluid to drink as temperatures hit 80 plus. Again a strong wind, however this did not stop the likes of Bason, Jenkinson and Bowdler recording super quick times. Easterley rider Clayton Knight suffered in the second half of the race and blew at 85 miles but struggled home to record 4.27.53. He had planned to help at the grass track meeting at Brentwood, but got home and fell asleep!!


Saturday 19th June - E2/25

Another horrible day on the E2 - a mixture of wind, rain and very cold! However,for the riders that were either brave enough or stupid to start, some quick times!! Half the field Did not start due to conditions however Peter Balls blasted his way round in 50.12 to win! Clayton Knight (Easterley) managed to reduce his P.B by a few seconds, finishing in 58.52.

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 15th June - E14/10a

It was a bright and sunny evening but with a strong breeze and fairly chilly. Andy Ballentyne was the fastest on the evening (by a single second) and a minute ahead of the next two Easterley riders - Clayton and Chris who are starting to have close battles each week. Andy edges ahead of Clayton again in the Twilight Trophy.

Pos.Rider 1st Lap2nd Lap10m
1 Andrew Ballentyne12.3212.4025.12
2 Clayton Knight13.1013.1726.17
3 Chris Burley13.0613.2126.27
 J.Rogers (Gateway CC)12.3812.3525.13
 Ben Lamb (Gateway CC)12.5713.1626.13
 Ian Samuel (Crest CC)12.4913.2926.18
 D.Giles (Crest CC)13.0313.2326.26
 Russell Dore (Gateway CC)13.1813.1926.37
 Geoff Bridger (Crest CC)13.3313.4227.15
 P.Whitehorn (PTT)13.5914.3028.29
 Dave Retigan (Gateway CC)  DNF

Finsbury Park 50

Sunday 13th June - F1/50

The early starters had the best of the conditions as the wind picked up and there was light rain and cold. Clayton Knight unfortunately punctured at 23 miles and had to walk back to the HQ!


Saturday 12th June - E2/25

Clayton Knight was 8th reserve which meant he had to wait around for 2 hours before ebetually getting a ride. It was a strong tailwind to the turn with a hard ride back to the finish but all of this didn't stop him from recording a new PB in 59.08! Fastest was Lee Turner in 51.15

Full Result (TT Forum)

ECCA Championship 25

Sunday 6th June - E2/25

Conditions were again warm however Clayton couldn't make the most of it as he was feeling the effects of the previous day's ride and finished with a 1.2.17. This didn't stop Richard O'Rourke (Flitch Crono) however who was again the fastest with a 51.51

Full Result (ECCA)

ECCA Championship 10

Saturday 5th June - E2/10a

It was very hot with light winds and fast times a plenty. Clayton Knight set the fastest 10 time in the club so far with a 23.18. Richard O'Rourke (Flitch Crono) was the fastest with a 19.37

Full Result (ECCA)

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 1st June - E14/10a

Heavy rain deterred most riders but didn't stop Clayton and Chris however who fought a close race with Clayton having a faster second lap to pull back his deficit on Lap 1. The 20 points Clayton scored brings him level with Andy Ballentyne in the Twilight Trophy.

Pos.Rider 1st Lap2nd Lap10m
1Clayton Knight13.1713.1126.28
2Chris Burley13.1213.2326.35

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 25th May - E14/10a

The weekend's heat wave was well and truly over and the breezy conditions made it a bit slower than the previous week. Andy Ballentyne was the fastest Easterley rider to consolidate his lead in the Twilight Trophy, with Dean Shannon (Orbea - For Goodness Shakes) the quickest of the evening.

Pos.Rider 1st Lap2nd Lap10m
1Andrew Ballentyne12.4412.5825.42
2Clayton Knight13.1313.1626.29
3Dave Spencer13.3414.1327.47
 Dean Shannon (Orbea - For Goodness Shakes)11.1411.3522.49
 Adam Norris (Orbea - For Goodness Shakes)11.4911.5523.44
 Paul Martin (Glendene CC)12.4112.3225.13
 Francis Jackson (PTT)13.0213.1126.13
 A.Boyau (PTT)14.4015.0629.46
 K.Edwards (PTT)16.0016.3432.34


Saturday 22nd May - E2/50

A mini heatwave meant hot and blustery conditions for the ECCA 50 on the fast E2 course. Unfortunately Clayton Knight couldn't take full advantage after just getting over a bout of sickenss but still ended up with a 2.5.54. Fastest was the Shaftesbury's Mark Howard with a storming 1.46.31.

Full Result (ECCA)

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 18th May - E14/10a

A warmer evening meant a good turnout again and improvements all round. Steve Freeman was the quickest Easterley rider with a short 25 although second placed Andy Ballentyne goes into the lead in the Twilight Trophy. Jim Lewis (Glendene CC) was again the fastest on the night.

Pos.Rider 1st Lap2nd Lap10m
1Steve Freeman12.2412.4425.08
2Andy Ballentyne12.3812.5125.29
3Chris Burley13.0613.0926.15
4Dave Spencer13.3413.5127.25
5Paul Allet14.5915.2030.19
6Liam Jordan18.2019.1237.32
 Jim Lewis (Glendene CC)11.2911.3923.08
 Adam Norris (Orbea - For Goodness Shakes)11.5111.5923.50
 Simon Bateson (PTT)11.5911.5723.56
 D.Crawley (PTT)12.2012.4425.04
 J.Rogers (PTT)12.4513.0625.51
 Paul Martin (Glendene CC)12.5213.0125.53
 Ben Lamb (Gateway CC)13.0413.1526.19
 P.Turton (PTT)13.1813.3326.51
 D.Francis (PTT)13.2213.3626.58
 G.Bridger (Crest CC)13.2613.3326.59
 Dave Retigan (Gateway CC)13.3613.4327.19
 Russell Dore (Gateway CC)14.0013.5027.50

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 11th May - E14/10a

Conditions were again chilly although quite calm. Andy Ballentyne had a better second lap than week one allowing him to claim the win from super consistent Clayton Knight to bring him up to level points in the Twilight Trophy. Former member and junior rider Jim Lewis was the fastest with a rapid 23.27 however.

Pos.Rider 1st Lap2nd Lap10m
1Andy Ballentyne13.0013.1626.13
2Clayton Knight13.1613.1726.33
3Chris Burley13.2013.4727.07
4Liam Jordan18.4719.0637.53
 Jim Lewis (Glendene CC)11.4311.4423.27
 E.Bird (Glendene CC)11.5512.1424.09
 Ben Lamb (Gateway CC)13.1113.2926.40
 Russell Dore (Gateway CC)13.3413.0227.26
 P.Turton (PTT)  DNF

Shaftesbury Middlemarkers '25'

Saturday 8th May - E2/25

Heavy rain deterred a lot of riders from starting but it didn't stop new member Clayton Knight from recording a 1.00.58. Fastest was Chris Rimes (Fenland CLarion) in 55.00

Club Evening 'Come Try It' 5

Tuesday 5th May - E14/10a

A chilly evening meant un-spectacular times for the 5 mile event, whilst Dave Spencer decided to carry on for two laps to record a 10 mile time.

Pos.Rider 1st Lap2nd Lap10m
1Andy Ballentyne13.00  
2Chris Burley13.12  
3Dave Spencer13.5014.0727.57
4Adrian Pateman15.56  
5Liam Jordan17.12  
 G.Brant (PTT)12.32  

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 27th April - E14/10a

Warm conditions with just a light breeze meant a bumper turnout for the first of the evening 10's. The Easterley were joined by a number of riders from the Glade, Crest and Gateway cycling clubs until we had to stop taking any further entries due to the available daylight!. Andy Ballentyne had a bad second lap allowing new member Clayton Knight to take the early lead in the Twilight Trophy, whilst PTT Andrew Griffiths was the quickest on the night with a storming 22.36 despite getting held up.

Pos.Rider 1st Lap2nd Lap10m
1Clayton Knight12.5613.0826.04
2Andy Ballentyne12.4613.2926.15
3Dave Spencer13.2513.4127.06
4Richard Jordan17.0315.0832.11
 Andrew Griffiths (PTT)11.1111.2522.36
 Adam Norris (PTT)12.0612.2224.28
 Mark Porter (Glade CC)12.1212.2224.34
 S.Green (PTT)12.4012.5825.38
 Ben Lamb (Gateway CC)13.0513.1426.19
 P.Turton (PTT)13.1813.2826.46
 D.Francis (PTT)13.1913.3426.53
 G.Bridger (PTT)13.2713.3427.01
 J.Rogers (PTT)13.3213.5027.22
 Dave Retigan (Gateway CC)13.3513.4827.23
 Russell Dore (Gateway CC)13.3714.0427.41
 J.Taylor (PTT)13.5614.1028.06
 P.Whitehorn (PTT)14.1514.4128.56
 T.Wilkins (PTT)14.5714.5429.51
 V.Dabhi (PTT)14.5215.0229.54
 R.Dabhi (PTT)15.3916.0831.47
 Will Heddon (Glade CC)  DNF

32nd Association 30

Sunday 21st March - E1/30

Heavy rain spoiled what would otherwise have been a good morning for the event. Andrew Ballentyne was the only Easterley rider recording a 1.19.28 for 11th place overall. Fastest was Ralph Mullan (Shaftesbury CC) in 1.11.55

Easterley Open Hilly 25.2

Sunday 11th April - E1/26

Conditions were again dry and bright but quite chilly with a deceptive breeze. The usual strong Chelmer CC contingent were rewarded with the first three teams and Anthony Stapleton the overall winner, after catching eventual second placed rider Nick Hastler (Essex Roads CC) for a minute but having a battle for the rest of the race.
They also picked up the Maud Harrison trophy for the fastest lady with Ann Shuttleworth who had a close battle with A.Grundy

1 A. StapletonChelmer CC01:00:53
2 N. HastlerEssex Roads CC01:02:09
3 M. HowardShaftesbury CC01:02:48
4 D. NichollsChelmer CC01:03:34
5 H. VivianFinsbury Park CC01:03:57
6 P. ReardonAPI Metrow01:06:35
7 J. ChesterEssex Roads CC01:06:48
8 A. EasonChelmer CC01:07:12
9 P. BartonChelmer CC01:07:12
10N. WebberColchester Rovers CC01:07:12
11S. FreemanChelmer CC01:07:41
12E. FieldChelmer CC01:07:49
13J. GolderChelmer CC01:07:52
14D. BamfordEast London Velo01:08:24
15D. BabbsChelmer CC01:08:37
16G. HurrellBasildon CC01:08:46
17C. RichardsonChelmer CC 01:08:47
18G. BoresFord CC01:09:19
19G. BridgerCrest CC Ilford01:09:58
20P. DewberryVC Revolution01:11:21
21R. GibbsEast London Velo01:11:34
22P. SextonColchester Rovers CC01:11:34
23G. PainterChelmer CC01:11:49
24D. KielyNorth Road CC01:12:00
25Miss A. ShuttleworthChelmer CC01:14:16
26Miss A. GrundyEast London Velo01:14:31
27L. ChurchCamel Valley CT&C01:15:55
28P. BaldwinVictoria Ciclos Uno CC01:16:31
29Mrs. H. WilliamsCambridge CC01:17:28
30R. DoreGateway CC01:17:54
31A. SheridanMaldon & District CC01:21:57
32W. CatonWhitewebbs CC01:23:54
33J. ThompsonVC Baracchi01:23:56
34D. SolomonWhitewebbs CC01:26:52
35D. LusherNorwich Amateur BC01:27:01
36Miss L. HainesPolice Sport UK CC01:37:11

DNF22 K.Orrin Chelmer CC
DNF33 Mrs.C.Hornett Chelmer CC
DNS Apols6 C.Douglas Colchester Rovers CC
DNS Apols8 C.Sheppard Welwyn Wheelers
DNS Apols19 G. Brant Chelmer CC
DNS Apols38 Miss C.Francis Chelmer CC
DNS10 I.Short API Metrow
DNS21 E.Latham Welwyn Wheelers

32nd Association 25

Sunday 21st March - E1/25

Paul Allet kicked off the Easterley season with a 1.16.20 in the 32nd Association 25. Fastest, and the only rider inside the hour was Damiam Foy (Eagle RC) in 59.29.

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