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Road Race Results - 2012

Maldon & District CC Road Race 3/4th Cats

Sunday 7th October - Steeple - 45 miles

It all went horribly wrong on the third lap (of four) when some bad riding from one of the riders forced Andy Ballentyne into a hedge, also causing a number of other riders to crash when trying to avoid him. Andy ended up with minor scratches but some fairly deep bruising although his bike was mainly OK. Soe of teh other riders were not so lucky however.

The race had started smoothly enough with Andy attempting to get away on the first lap but was pulled back. He was then in a break of five on the second lap which were again pulled back and tried again on the third. He was just having a breather in the bunch when the crash happened!

Full Result
Andy in first lap break

Andy in first lap break

Photos copyright of Andy Sheridan at Zenfolio. Further photos of the race.

Easterley Falling Leaves Road Race 3/4th Cats

Sunday 2nd September - Littlebury Green Circuit - 50 miles

Ideal racing conditions (again) saw two riders manage to get away on the second lap and their lead hovered around the 30-45 second mark for the next 2 laps until they were eventually brought back by the bunch. All other attemts were futile and at the line it was Crest rider Grant Smith who led the bunch home.

1 14Grant Smith Crest CC @ 2 hours 7 mins 15 secs
2 18David Bamford East London Velo 
3 17David Youell Eagle RC 
4 46David Page Stowmarket & District CC 
5 40Frank Rawlins North Road CC 
6 45Justin Fisk Stowmarket & District CC 
7 56Samuel Gilzean Welwyn Whls CC 
8 66Stefaan Van Poucke Braintree Velo CRC 
9 47James Browne VC Norwich 
1048Dale Johnston VC Norwich 
118 Jason Stuart Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) 
1225Tom Baskaya Finsbury Park CC 
1342Neil Fraser Stevenage CC 
1424Jonathan Needham Finchley Racing Team 
153 Ben Locke Braintree Velo Cycle Racing Club 
1621Matthew Garfield Fenland Clarion CC 
1765Frederick Brand East London Velo 
1837Miles Butler London Phoenix CC 
1916Damien Foy Eagle RC 
2052Ben Wright VC Revolution 
2159Lee Sturman West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club 
2257Colin Hodges Welwyn Whls CC 
2332Nicholas Cramer Hertfordshire Whls 
2439Hamish Hore Maldon & District CC 
256 Nigel Hobday Cambridge CC 
2663Anthony Purnell Cambridge CC 
2715Thomas Dean Eagle RC 
2831Mark Ambury Gregarios Superclub Ciclista 
2927Tony Couchman Glade CC 
309 Michael Rostoft Chelmer CC 
317 Carmelo Luggeri CC Ashwell (CCA) 
325 Oliver Caddy Cambridge CC 
3368Andy Wylde St Ives CC 
3453Kevin Jeffries Velo Schils - Interbike RT 
3536James Stokes Kettering CC @ 35 secs
3660Richard Heath Private Member @ 39 secs
3764Paul Wright Stowmarket & District CC 
3850Andy Garvie VC Revolution @ 40 secs
3943Owen Rogers St Ives CC 
4010Paul Dewberry Colchester Rovers CC 
4155Richard Bloomfield Welwyn Whls CC @ 56 secs
4229Philip Thomerson Glendene CC @ 1 min 3 secs
4313James Samuel Crest CC @ 1 min 10 secs
4433Simon Millard Iceni Velo 
4520Terry Garlinge East London Velo @ 1 min 35 secs
4622Andrew Cullinane Finchley Racing Team @ 2 mins 55 secs
4738Daniel Jaeggi London Phoenix CC @ 4 mins
DNF4 Alexander Burch Cambridge CC 
DNF11Richard Norris Colchester Rovers CC 
DNF12Ian Samuel Crest CC 
DNF19Matthew Briers East London Velo 
DNF28Paul Saunders Glendene CC 
DNF41Christopher Smith Python Racing Team 
DNF44Kevin Curtis Stowmarket & District CC 
DNF49Glyndwr Thomas VC Norwich 
DNF51Danni Murray VC Revolution 
DNF67Rolandas Razauskis Private Member 
DNS1 Paul Holmes Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club 
DNS2 Steve Fairchild Braintree Velo Cycle Racing Club 
DNS23Oliver Mehmet Finchley Racing Team 
DNS26Hugh Vivian Finsbury Park CC 
DNS30Lee Wingate Glendene CC 
DNS34Peter Ingram Ipswich BC 
DNS35Edward Watkiss Icycle 
DNS54Alan Lovegrove Velo Schils - Interbike RT 
DNS58Ben Smith Welwyn Whls CC 
DNS61Robert Richardson Private Member 
DNS62Denis Anitippa Verulam CC 

Ciclos Uno Summer Series - Race 8 - LVRC A-D Cats

Thursday 23rd August - Hog Hill lower circuit - 55 mins plus 3 laps

Andy Ballentyne was again active right from the start but missed a group of 5 riders get away, who were then caugfht and passed by Damian Foy and Anthony Wallis. Those two stayed away to the finish (with Anthony winning the sprint) whilst behind the group of 5 were caught. Into the final few laps, 3 riders then got away whilst the rest finished with a bunch sprints - Andy finishing with the bunch.

Full Result (LVRC)

Ford Dunton Series - Race 8 - LVRC - A-D Cats

Thursday 16th August - Ford Test Track, Dunton - 1 hour plus 3 laps

Another hard attacking race with Andy Ballentyne in the thick of it right from the start. He tried a number of times during the race to get away but each time was pulled back. In to the finish, all the likely contenders lined up for a bunch sprint at it was ex professional and national champion Bob Downs who lead home with Andy in 9th place.

Full Result (LVRC)

Ford Dunton Series - Race 4 - LVRC - A-D Cats

Thursday 21st June - Ford Test Track, Dunton - 1 hour plus 3 laps

A hard attacking race saw Mark Daly and Dave Farrow get away mid way. 9 riders, including Andy Ballentyne bridged across to them and they managed to get a decent gap on the bunch. Martin Elms and Terry Newland were dropped with 2 laps to go and at the bell, Tim Brown jumped away broke away on the east banking and Mark Daly crossing to him on the back straight and stayed away for the win with Mark Daly taking the sprint. Behind, Andy jumped the chasers coming round the final banking however he was overhauled coming up the home straight with Barry Neal taking the sprint for 3rd place.

Full Result (LVRC)

Southend Wheelers 'Over The Hill' race - LVRC - A-D Cats

Sunday 27th May - Hog Hill lower circuit - 1 hour plus 5 laps

Although mainly on the lowere circuit, this race threw in a full lap (including a prime at the top of the hill) after every 20 minutes of racing, plus the final full lap and the finsih at the top of the hill.
Conditions were hot and sunny however a stiff breeze made things hard for potential breakaways. Mid race, Antony Wallis jumped away, Dave Farrow got across along with an Essex Roads rider. Andy Ballentyne tried to get to this group but just failed. They pulled away until the Essex Roads was dropped. The bunch kept Antony and Dave in check until the elastic snapped and they pulled out to almost a half lap lead of the lower circuit. Into the final laps, Richard Norris (Colchester Rovers) jumped away up the hill on the and got a gap on the bunch that he maintained to the finish. In the lead however Antony outsprinted Dave for the win whilst back in the bunch, Andy Ballentyne sprinted home in 6th place overall and 2nd in the 'B' Cat age group.

Full Result (LVRC)

Ford Dunton Series - Race 2 - LVRC - A-D Cats

Thursday 24th May - Ford Test Track, Dunton - 1 hour plus 3 laps

Steffan Vanpouckes (Braintree Velo) made a hard effort ride from the off and Andy Ballentyne was not going to let him get away. They were soon joined by Anthony Wallis plus an Eagle and Ford riders to get a small gap but were brought back within a lap. Various other breaks were attempted all to no avail and so it came down to a bunch sprint. Andy was a bit boxed in on the back straight but managed to move up by going up teh final banking. Into the last bend and one rider came across the track get on Dave Farrow's (Eagles RC) wheel. Andy was just behind had reaslised he may clip Dave's wheel and manoeuvred himself out of harm's way when it did in fact happen! Andy then latched on to Dave's wheel who launched the sprint up the final straight. Nick Hastler (Essex Roads) made a move of the left hand side and Andy came round Dave but couldn't overhaul Nick, therefore finishing in second overall but first in the B cat age group.

Ciclos Uno Road Race - LVRC - All Cats

Thursday 19th May - Hog Hill lower circuit - 55 mins plus 3 laps

Andy Ballentyne was active during the first half of the race trying to form break however it wasn't until about 20 minutes to go when a group of 9 riders finally got away, consisting of Andy, Martin Meades and Craig Stevens (Ciclos Uno), Jim Conway (Met Police CC), Russell Ford (Glade CC), Dave Farrow (Eagle RC), Mark Daly (Colour Tech RT), Matt Gallagher (Crest CC) and Paul Doel (Quest RT). Into the last 3 laps, Mark Daly tried to get away but was brought back by Andy and then Jim Conway jumped away with a lap and half left. The group were wary of chasing and it looked like Jim would stay away for the win, however with the group opening up their sprint Martin just pipped him on the line. Andy was 6th overall however was only 4th in the 'B' age group and so missed out on series points.

Full Result (LVRC)

Braintree Velo Road Race - 3/4th Cats

Sunday 25th March - Bulmer circuit - 54 miles

Clear skies overnight meant a chilly start for the full field of 3rd/4th cats around the undulating Bulmer circuit near Sudbury. Two riders attacked just after the start and Andy Ballentyne soon joined them. This group swelled to 8 riders before being pulled back by the bunch. Another small group then got away and stayed away for 2 laps or so before again being pulled back. Into the last lap, Andy got himself near the front and round the last bend probably hit the front too early up the finishing hill and was swallowed up by the bunch to finish 15th.

Result (London Cycle Sport)

Ciclos Uno Road Race - LVRC A-C Cats

Sunday 18th March - Blackmore/Viper circuit - 56 miles

A full field of A, B and C cats got off to a lively start and it wasn't long before breaks were trying to go away. It was still quite tactical as there were a number of large teams riding who were either chasing or closing done the action. Andy Ballentyne tried a number of times to either get in breaks or across to others but each time was pulled back. On the penultimate lap a break of two did go clear and then a further three drifted away to join them and they stayed away for the win. In the bunch behind, Stuart Clarke (Chelmer CC) put in an attack on the road up to Ingatestone. Andy tried once more to get across but was again pulled back and therefore positioned himself in the leading readers. The Shaftesbury picked up the pace in the last kilometre, pulled back Stuart and then lead out the sprint. Andy jumped from 3rd spot, led briefly but could only manage fifth in the sprint - 10th overall.

Full Result (LVRC)

Ciclos Uno Spring Series - LVRC A-D Cats

Sunday 11th March - Hog Hill (Lower Circuit) - 1 hours plus 3 laps

The Spring like conditions prompted a field of 57 A-D cats into a 25 mph+ race and the field was soon strung out in several groups around the circuit. Andy Ballentyne, Dave Farrow (Eagle RC) and Anthony Wallis (LVRC) were amongst those stirring things up at the front but it wasn't until about 10 minutes to go that Anthony got away with Chris Baldwin (Eagle RC) and then Paul Crook (Beyond Mountain Bikes), Lee Desborough (St Ives CC) and finally Dave Farrow who was the last to get across. Andy tried but failed and had to content himself with the bunch sprint in which he was 5th (10th overall) but at least had the consolation of being the first 'B' cat'. In the lead group, Paul Crook took the sprint ahead of Lee, Anthony, Dave and then Chris.

Result (London Cycle Sport)

P.S. - This result meant that Andy came 2nd equal in the series as a whole!

East London Velo Winter Series - 3/4 Cats

Saturday 29th January - Hog Hill (Full circuit) - 45 mins plus 5 laps

A good turnout of keen 3 and 4th cats on what was a cold but dry day. Andy Ballentyne decided to test his legs on the full circuit - in previous years he has restricted his Hog Hill racing to the lower circuit (where possible) and finished in the bunch. A group of 6 riders got away mid race and finished a half lap up.

Result (London Cycle Sport)

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