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Time Trial Results - 2015

The Twilight Trophies - 2015

Final Positions

Top 12 placings (out of 17) to count.
Points allocation: 20, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 for 1st - 10th places
In the event of a tie, each rider will be awarded that position's points.

  21/04/2015 28/04/2015 05/05/2015 12/05/2015 19/05/2015 26/05/2015 02/06/2015 09/06/2015 16/06/2015 23/06/2015 30/06/2015 07/07/2015 14/07/2015 21/07/2015 28/07/2015 04/08/2015 11/08/2015
Best 12 Total (All) Pos. Rider   Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points Time Pos. Points
2022021Andy Ballentyne 25.312025.09120   24.52120      25.17120      25.1712025.25312   24.5821525.1321524.5412024.5112025.13120
1741742Julia FreemanL         25.47312   25.2812025.2321525.3812025.0412025.3321225.0121525.0912024.4912024.51120         
1551553Steve Chapman    29.3721530.1612029.38410      29.4741029.4621529.3331228.1841029.265828.03215   28.1741028.1621528.29215   
81814Carol KeelL34.55410      34.027436.112034.1410   33.54410         33.24312            34.03215
72725Mark Hubbock 32.0331232.47312   31.0766   31.2631231.415832.1331231.53410                        
62626Dave Spencer                28.0221527.38312   27.1521527.0731027.18410                  
27277Aaron FreemanJv         25.3215                           25.26312         
23238Andy Bellingham 31.06215      3058                                       
20209Graham Garner                               24.33120                  


Saturday 22nd August - E2/10

Julia was second lady in the ECCA 10 behind Alice Lethbridge (gbcycles.co.uk) in a time of 22.46 as against Alice's excellent 21.38 on a hot windy day.

Full Result

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 11th August July - E14/10a

Andy was just the quickest - 1 second faster than Simon Keen on a damp evening whilst Julia didn't finish. Andy therefore wraps up the Twilight Trophy with Julia the Ladies winner.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
15Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12:3212:410:0925:13
24Simon KeenCrest CC12:3212:420:1025:14
36Gary KerrMet Police CC12:3613:020:2625:38
42Paul ChaseE.L.T.12:5313:160:2326:09
57Julian ThorpeCrest CC12:5813:210:2326:19
69Alison WoodsRedbridge CC15:0315:260:2330:29
73Dave NolanBecontree Whls16:2416:150:0932:39
81Carol KeelEasterley RC16:5717:060:0934:03
 8Julia FreemanEasterley RC   DNF

Cambridge CC 25

Saturday 8th August

Julia was 10th overall and 1st Lady in the Cambridge 25 in a time of 1.2.05 behind winner David McGaw who recorded 54.32 and was well clear of the rest.

Full Result

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 4th August July - E14/10a

Andy was the quickest and Aaron punctured.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
17Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12:2212:290:0724:51
29Gary KerrMet Police CC12:2712:420:1525:09
36Simon KeenCrest CC12:3412:350:0125:09
410David GilesCrest CC13:2212:300:5225:52
53Julian ThorpeCrest CC12:5613:220:2626:18
64Paul ChaseE.L.T.13:0313:150:1226:18
72John SmithE.L.T.13:2813:280:0026:56
88Steve ChapmanEasterley RC14:1114:180:0728:29
91Dave NolanBecontree Whls16:1315:570:1632:10
105Aaron FreemanEasterley RC   DNF (punc)

National Women's 25 mile Championship

Saturday 1st August - E15/25

After a break of a few years, Julia once again entered the National 25 mile champs and was one of the seeded riders being off in the last 10 with the 2 minute intervals. Despite forgetting her Garmin, she finished with a time of 1.5.53 around the tough undulating course for eventual 12th spot behind winner Hayley Simmonds who recorded an excellent 59:49. Julia was also the fastest in her (C) age group.

Full Result

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 28th July - E14/10a

With Julia resting before the weekend's National 25 mile Championship, Andy was the fastest on the evening.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
17Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12:1912:350:1624:54
26Gary KerrMet Police CC12:3212:370:0525:09
35Paul ChasePTT12:4213:080:2625:50
43Julian ThorpeCrest CC12:4913:210:3226:10
54Steve ChapmanEasterley RC14:0114:150:1428:16
68Alison WoodRedbridge CC15:3715:440:0731:21
71Dave NolanBecontree Whls16:0316:040:0132:07
82Mellissa WarrilowBarking and Dagenham CC18:41   

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 21st July - E14/10a

Adam Hardy was fastest on the night with a course PB and Julia was the quickest Easterley rider.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
112Adam HardyCrest CC12:0612:350:2924:41
28Julia FreemanEasterley RC12:1712:340:1724:51
37Gary KerrMet Policy CC12:2812:320:0425:00
411Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12:2212:510:2925:13
510Aaron FreemanEasterley RC12:2712:590:3225:26
66Paul ChasePTT12:4212:560:1425:38
79Julian ThorpeCrest CC12:4813:140:2626:02
85Clare LeeShaftesbury CC13:4613:510:0527:37
93Steve ChapmanEasterley RC14:0514:120:0728:17
102Russell DoreGateway CC14:0014:230:2328:23
111Mellissa WarrilowBarking and Dagenham CC15:2415:450:2131:09
124Dave NolanBecontree Whls16:0016:130:1332:13

Club Evening 10 - The Molly Swann Trophy

Tuesday 14th July - E14/10a

Julia was again the quickest on the evening, 9 seconds than Andy.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
18Julia FreemanEasterley RC12:1412:352124:49
211Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12:1612:422624:58
37Adam HardyCrest CC12:1712:442725:01
49G.KerrMet Police CC12:4612:380825:24
64Paul ChasePTT12:5413:263226:20
710W.WiechartBecontree Whls13:5214:021027:54
83Will TystermanPTT13:3614:295328:05
102Mellissa WarrilowBarking and Dagenham CC15:1015:514131:01
111Dave NolanBecontree Whls16:1316:180532:31

Club Evening 10 - The Molly Swann Trophy

Tuesday 30th June - E14/10a

New member Graham Garner rode his first club 10 and was quickest on the evening in 24.33 to win the Molly Swann Trophy.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
14Graham GarnerEasterley RC12:1812:150:0324:33
26Julia FreemanEasterley RC12:2512:360:1125:01
310Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12:2812:560:2825:24
77Russell DoreGateway CC14:0713:090:5827:16
89Dave SpencerEasterley RC13:3513:430:0827:18
913J.SamuelCrest CC13:4814:070:1927:55
125Steve ChapmanEasterley RC14:4714:390:0829:26
133Dave NolanShaftesbury CC16:2216:190:0332:41

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 23rd June - E14/10a

Back from a business trip, Andy was the quickest on the evening just ahead of Julia.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
15Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12:2412:530:2925:17
27Julia FreemanEasterley RC12:4012:530:1325:33
42Dave SpencerEasterley RC13:2113:460:2527:07
63Russell DoreGateway CC14:0614:000:0628:06
74Will TystermanPTT13:4914:190:3028:08
81Steve ChapmanEasterley RC14:2213:560:2628:18
1010Dave NolanShaftesbury CC16:0215:480:1431:50
116Molly KoncheskyBarking and Dagenham CC15:4616:210:3532:07

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 16th June - E14/10a

Julia was again the fastest Easterley rider and also the winner.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
114Julia FreemanEasterley RC12:2712:371025:04
211S KeenPTT12:3212:441225:16
316D GilesPTT13:1713:452827:02
418J SamuelPTT13:2013:472727:07
51Dave SpencerEasterley RC13:2713:482127:15
610Russell DoreGateway CC13:4214:011927:43
79Will TystermanPTT13:4714:142728:01
98Dawn AdamsPTT14:0814:070128:15
104Steve ChapmanEasterley RC14:5914:342529:33
146Molly KoncheskyBarking and Dagenham CC15:3116:204931:51
1512Mark HubbockEasterley RC15:2616:2701:0131:53
167Dave NolanShaftesbury CC16:1416:120232:26
1813Alan GlessingPTT13:26   

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 9th June - E14/10a

Julia was the fastest Easterley rider and also the winner.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
111Julia FreemanEasterley RC12:4312:550:1225:38
212Adam HardyCrest CC12:4513:130:2825:58
33Russell DoreGateway CC13:5314:060:1327:59
46Terry GarlingeEast London CC14:0614:440:3828:50
64Steve ChapmanEasterley RC14:5014:560:0629:46
78Mark HubbockEasterley RC15:3416:3901:0532:13
87Dave NolanShaftesbury CC16:1816:270:0932:45
1010Carol KeelEasterley RC16:3717:170:4033:54

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 2nd June - E14/10a

Andy was the fastest Easterley rider chased hard by Julia.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
17Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12:2412:530:2925:17
29Julia FreemanEasterley RC12:3412:490:1525:23
310A HardyPTT12:4613:160:3026:02
42J SamuelPTT13:1013:420:3226:52
55Russell DoreGateway CC13:3513:510:1627:26
66Dave SpencerEasterley RC13:3913:590:2027:38
73Terry GarlingeEast London CC13:3914:020:2327:41
88Steve ChapmanEasterley RC14:3915:080:2929:47
94Mark HubbockEasterley RC15:1816:2301:0531:41

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 26th May - E14/10a

Joe Giggins was again the quickest and Julia the fastest Easterley rider.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
110Joe GigginsPTT11:1111:550:4423:06
25Julia FreemanEasterley RC12:3412:540:2025:28
315A HardyPTT12:4313:200:3726:03
413G MartinPTT13:3313:370:0427:10
51J SamuelPTT13:4013:400:0027:20
67Russell DoreGateway CC13:4413:570:1327:41
79Dave SpencerEasterley RC14:0214:000:0228:02
98Steve ChapmanEasterley RC14:2714:340:0729:01
1114Mark HubbockEasterley RC15:0416:2201:1831:26
123Dave NolanShaftesbury CC16:0816:200:1232:28
156Carol KeelEasterley RC16:5717:130:1634:10

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 19th May - E14/10a

Carol Keel was the only Easterley rider and clocked a 36:10.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
14M BowerPTT13:2113:160:0526:37
22K LaidasPTT14:3815:000:2229:38
33Dave NolanShaftesbury CC17:1617:190:0334:35
41Carol KeelEasterley RC17:4118:290:4836:10

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 12th May - E14/10a

Joe Giggins knocked out a rapid 22:45 to take a comfortable on a pleasant evening for racing. Andy Ballentyne was the quickest Easterley rider but 12 year old Aaron Freeman wasn't that far behind and got the better of his Mum Julia.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
15Joe GigginsRichardson's Cycles11:1411:3102:0022:45
210Nikki JuniperPTT11:5912:1207:0024:11
38Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12:1612:3605:0024:52
47Aaron FreemanEasterley RC12:4212:4804:0025:30
513Julia FreemanEasterley RC12:4313:0410:0025:47
614A HardyPTT12:5513:2311:0026:18
74Russell DoreGateway CC13:3414:1401:0027:48
83Steve ChapmanEasterley RC14:4114:570:0029:38
96Andy BellinghamEasterley RC14:5815:0203:0030:00
1011D AdamsPTT15:0515:0408:0030:09
1112Mark HubbockEasterley RC15:0616:0109:0031:07
129Dave NolanShaftesbury CC16:5816:5906:0033:57
131Carol KeelEasterley RC16:4017:2222:0034:02

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 5th May - E14/10a

A very windy evening put a most peoplf off from riding with only three facing the timekeeper. Andy was the fastest on the first lap but the snapped bolt in his tri-bars meant a DNF.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
12Adam Hardy 14:1911:5402:2526:13
21Steve ChapmanEasterley RC16:1913:5702:2230:16
 3Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12:41  DNF

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 28th April - E14/10a

Nikki was again the fastest on the night with an excellent 24:11 in the conditions. Andy was again the quickest Easterley rider to extend his lead in the Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
19Nikki JuniperPTT11:5912:120:1324:11
25Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12:2312:460:2325:09
46Liam HanksBarking and Dagenham CC14:0314:320:2928:35
51Russell DoreGateway CC14:1914:500:3129:09
64Steve ChapmanEasterley RC14:2915:080:3929:37
88Mark HubbockEasterley RC15:4717:001:1332:47

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 21th April - E14/10a

Nikki Juniper was the quickest for the first the event Twilight series with Andy Ballentyne taking the lead in the series as the leading Easterley rider.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
18Nikki JuniperPTT12:0912:130:0424:22
26Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12:3212:580:2625:30
35Liam HanksBarking and Dagenham CC13:3614:050:2927:41
47Andy BellinghamEasterley RC15:3215:340:0231:06
53Molly KoncheskyBarking and Dagenham CC15:2916:070:3831:36
79Mark HubbockEasterley RC15:3716:260:4932:03
82BillyEast London Velo16:3016:030:2732:33
910Carol KeelEasterley RC17:0617:490:4334:55

Easterley, Victoria, Met Police CC Interclub Hilly 20

Sunday 8th March - E17/20

The weather was good again this year prompting another good turnout from the clubs involved although some shaded areas were still damp from overnight rain. Andy Ballentyne came a cropper because of this. Having overtaken his minute man and had his 2 minute man in sight, he overcooked it coming down Toot Hill to the junction with the left turn for Theydon Mount and slid off of the damp and muddy road. Julia meanwhile was the fastest in the club with 58.09 for 3rd place behind Andy Yeoman who did 51.55.

Results (.pdf)

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