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Time Trial Results - 2016

Julia Freeman's results - 2016

Julia's results for 2016 are as below.
She's had another very successful year including Club women's 50 to 60 years 25 record (55-57) and the trophies for fastest 10 and 25 of the year. In addition she was the Victoria women's series winner, the ECCA 10 Mile and 25 mile women's scratch champion.

Date Event Course TimePosition
19/3/2016ECCA 10E223.221st Lady
04/02/2016Elite 10E9124.351st Lady
05/02/2016ECCA 10E9124.361st Lady
05/07/2016Lea Valley 10E222.472nd Lady
21/5/2016ECCA Scratch championship 10E222.571st Lady
28/5/2016Victoria 10.2E124.441st Lady
29/5/2016ECCA scratch championship 25E255.571st Lady. Women's vets 50 to 60 record. FASTEST 25 OF YEAR
06/01/2016Hainault 10 (PTT)E1625.57 
06/08/2016Essex Roads 10.3 26.201st Lady
06/12/2016Chelmer 25E9 1.02.201st Lady
18/6/2016Victoria 10.2E124.441st Lady
26/6/2016ECCA 10E3423.201st Lady
07/01/2016ECCA 25E91.01.571st Lady
07/10/2016Unity 25E91.2.121st Lady
24/7/2016ECCA 10E3423.161st Lady
30/7/2016Victoria 10.2E124.341st Lady
31/7/2016VTTA 25E258.35 
08/05/2016Becontree 10 (PTT)E1425.27 
08/12/2016Becontree 10 (PTT)E1425.43 
17/8/2016SPOCO 10E9124.361st Lady
27/8/2016Victoria 10.2E124.561st Lady
29/8/2016Southend 25E111.02.211st Lady
17/9/2016ECCA 10E222.111st Lady. FASTEST 10 OF YEAR
24/9/2016VTTA 10E222.501st Lady
10/02/2016Lea Valley 25E11.2.501st Lady

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 9th August - E14/10a

A better evening than last week and Andy finished off the series with his quickest ride of the year.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
12Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12.3712.400.0325.17
21Dave NolanBecontree Whls16.2016.290.0932.49

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 2nd August - E14/10a

A cooler evening with light drizzle meant slower conditions than last week.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
12Andy BallentyneEasterley RC13.0113.210.2026.22
21Dave NolanBecontree Whls16.1616.140.0232.30

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 26th July - E14/10a

A warm and pleasant evening for racing with Andy producing his best ride of the series so far.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
13Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12.3412.460.1225.2
21Mel WarrilowBarking & Dagenham15.2915.330.0431.02
32Dave NolanBecontree Whls16.2216.290.0732.51

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 19th July - E14/10a

A hot day and a bit of breeze meant conditions were much better for racing and summer might finally have arrived? Andy got the better of Adam who was riding his road bike,
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
12Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12.3813.080.3025.46
24Adam HardyCrest CC13.0213.510.4926.53
33Mel WarrilowBarking & Dagenham15.0214.370.2529.39
41Dave NolanBecontree Whls16.4316.550.1233.38

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 12th July - E14/10a

Andy was back from a business trip and a holiday and struggled after not riding his bike for nearly 3 weeks...
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
13Adam HardyCrest CC12.0612.30.2424.36
21Andy BallentyneEasterley RC13.2313.150.0826.38
32Dave NolanBecontree Whls16.2716.40.1333.07

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 5th July - E14/10a

Adam Hardy was the quickest of the small turnout.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
12Adam HardyCrest CC12.1112.310.2024.42
21Dave NolanBecontree Whls16.3416.570.2333.31

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 28th June - E14/10a

Matt Shepherd went inside 24 mins to be the quickest on the night.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
11Matt ShepherdPTT11.4712.040.1723.51
24Charlie PassfieldPTT12.1712.220.0524.39
32James ParrishPTT12.2312.320.0924.55
43Callum MackiePTT12.2412.520.2825.16

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 21st June - E14/10a

Joe Giggins was the clear winner, nearly 2 mins quicker than Adam.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
17Joe GigginsPTT11.1611.360.2022.52
22Adam HardyCrest CC12.0812.350.2724.43
35James ParrishPTT12.2612.330.0724.59
46Matt ShepherdPTT13.0112.140.4725.15
54S GreenPTT13.2313.40.1727.03
68Callum ReynoldsPTT12.2815.032.3527.31
71Mel WarrilowBarking & Dagenham15.1814.590.1930.17
83Dave NolanBecontree Whls17.1117.060.0534.17

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 14th June - E14/10a

The heavy afternoon rain had stopped but there were still some wet patches left on the roads. Adam Hardy was again the quickest.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
14Adam HardyCrest CC12.0912.360.2724.45
23Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12.4612.570.1125.43
32Paul ElliotCrest CC13.3514.170.4227.52
41Dave NolanBecontree Whls17.3717.470.1035.24

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 07th June - E14/10a

Much better conditions than last week and it was close fought contest between the Crest riders, with Andy Ballentyne about a minute behind.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
14Tomas WilliamCrest CC12.2412.420.1825.06
23Adam HardyCrest CC12.1412.550.4125.09
32Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12.5313.130.2026.06
41Dave NolanBecontree Whls17.2417.15-0.0934.39

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 31st May - E14/10a

It was back to chilly and wet conditions and only Andy Ballentyne decided to ride.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
11Andy BallentyneEasterley RC13.3614.050.2927.41

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 24th May - E14/10a

A reasonable evening with us back to our preferred E14/10 course after the cancellation of the previous weeks event due to the chipping of both the E14/10 and 17k courses. Andy Ballentyne was the quickest on the evening and leads the Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub1st Lap2nd LapDiff10 Mile
14Andy BallentyneEasterley RC12.3012.510.2125.21
22Andy BellinghamEasterley RC16.1615.470.2932.03
35Iona MoirBarking & Dagenham15.3016.511.2132.21
43Les HowellCiclos Uno16.0916.240.1532.33
51Mel WarrilowBarking & Dagenham16.2016.260.0632.46

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 10th May - E14/17k

It was back to chilly and damp conditions after the weekend's mini heatwave and with rain threatening only two riders decided to ride with Andy Ballentyne again improving to be the quickest with 26.08
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub10 Mile
12Andy BallentyneEasterley RC26:08
21Dave NolanBecontree Whls36:15

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 3rd May - E14/17k

It was a much warmer evening that last week and not as windy. Adam Hardy was again the winner but Andy Ballentyne improved over a minute and was the fastest Easterley rider.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub10 Mile
14Adam HardyCrest CC25:48
23Andy BallentyneEasterley RC26:44
32Andy BellinghamEasterley RC32:12
41Dave NolanBecontree Whls35:54

Club Evening 10

Tuesday 26th April - E14/17k

Because of roadworks being carried out on our usual course, a switch to the E14/17k was necessary but also resulted in the cancellation of the previous week's event due to temporary traffic lights on the course at Marden Ash.
Five riders turned up for the 'first' event on a very chilly and blustery evening. Adam Hardy (Crest CC) was the quickest with 25.52 and Andy Ballentyne the fastest Easterley rider in 28.01.
Twilight Trophy.

Pos.No.NameClub10 Mile
15Adam HardyCrest CC25:52
23Andy BallentyneEasterley RC28:01
34James SamuelCrest CC30:03
41Carol KeelEasterley RC35:15
52Dave NolanBecontree Whls38.23

Easterley Open Hilly 26

Sunday 17th April - E1/26

On another bright sunny but chilly day, Colin Ward (Essex Roads CC) again won the our open hilly event with a time of 55.47, a time only bettered by current 10 mile record holder Alex Dowsett (Movistar).

160MrColin WardEssex Roads CC0:55:47
236MrCarl FerriCadence Performance0:58:27
340MrGray TurnockFinsbury Park CC0:59:52
447MrChris ThomasEast London Velo1:00:26
520MrJulian ElliottFinsbury Park CC1:01:20
657MrMatt SteelShaftesbury CC1:02:50
721MrDuncan GilbertChelmer CC1:03:24
851 Philip MurrellFinsbury Park CC1:03:59
952MrIain BoardmanDulwich Paragon CC1:04:35
1030MrGavin LewisNorth Road CC1:04:44
119MrTom HainesEast London Velo1:05:09
1225MrDavid ChurchillBigfoot CC1:05:23
1356MrDan SmithHainault RC1:05:28
1442MrDominic BrayFinsbury Park CC1:06:41
1537MrMatthew SaundersGateway Cycling1:06:48
167MrGene PetersonWalden Velo1:07:01
1724MrIan HeatherShaftesbury CC1:07:15
1811MrGraham PainterChelmer CC1:07:47
1916MrPeter TibbittsFord CC1:08:00
2027MrSerge BouschetDulwich Paragon CC1:08:42
215MrRobert RoystonSydenham Whs1:09:47
2248MrsAnna MuirColchester Rovers CC1:09:58
2344 Carl StephensBasildon CC1:10:06
2426MrGraham HURRELLBasildon CC1:10:07
2543MsSue TriplowEssex Roads CC1:14:20
2659MrColin DoeFord CC1:15:04
2733MrPeter HoldenTeam Trident1:15:32
2834MrJon WadieBasildon CC1:16:02
2917DrMichael RussellTeam Trident1:16:41
3023MrJonathan GillhamTeam Trident1:18:32
3138MissAnna HoldenTeam Trident1:19:07
3219MrJames BromleyBecontree Wheelers CC1:19:52
3358MrNicholas KnightBasildon CC1:20:13
348MrGary JacksonShaftesbury CC1:20:23
353MrMatthew CookeTeam Trident1:21:23
3613MrTony SextonHainault RC1:22:02
3712MrDavid SolomonWhitewebbs cc1:23:23
3839MrsHonor WoodChelmer CC1:28:55
394 Fitzroy AlexisWhitewebbs cc1:29:41
4014MrBill CatonWhitewebbs cc1:31:41
 28MrJon DayCambridge CCDNF
 29MrPeter LovellBasildon CCDNF
 46MrsJulia FreemanEasterley RCDNF
 6MrSean BradleyTeam TridentDNS
 15MrDavid ClarkeTeam Velovelocity.co.ukDNS
 35MrRichard PriceLondon Phoenix CCDNS
 41MissMary BowerChelmer CCDNS
 45MrMatt HAIGHEssex Roads CCDNS
 53MrGeoff BoresFord CCDNS
 54MrKevin OrrinChelmer CCDNS
 55MrNeil HornettPMR @ Toachim HouseDNS
 10MrPeter HardingChelmer CCDNS APOL
 18MrMark MorrisFinsbury Park CCDNS APOL
 22MrBob JonesCardiff 100 Miles RCCDNS APOL
 31MrRichard MayIslington CCDNS APOL
 32MrRichard ParrotteShaftesbury CCDNS APOL
 49MrsJoanna ButcherChelmer CCDNS APOL
 50DrDavid HardingChelmer CCDNS APOL

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