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Past Presidents

E H Carter 1934
George Bryson Founder Member
Rory O'Brien Founder Member
Ed Hurding 1953-1958
William Taylor 1958-1968
Len Stewart 1968-1978
Don Morrison 1978-1981
Terry Satterley 1981-1982
George Reynolds 1982-1985
Len Unwin 1985-1988
Wendy Reynolds 1988-1991
William Swann 1991-1994
Molly Swann 1994-1997
Ron Neal 1997-2000
Alan McGuiness 2000-2003
Don Jones 2004-2006
Bernard Taylor 2010-2012

25 Years Ago

George Bryson's history of the Eastern & Easterley 1938-46 continued with the end of the war finding members dotted around the world, many still in the forces. Runs and racing resumed, though the line-up varied according to leave, demobbing and call-ups. At the AGM in January '46 it was reported that there were 320 members (of the Eastern Section NCU) of which half were juniors. 20 members went to the AGM. George was elected Chairman and Treasurer, the racing Sec. Sid Meaton, Runs Captain A. Baker while Stan Bryson was Social Sec. and Bill Taylor took on the Gazette.

Back in 1987, Linda Johnson, Social Sec., reported that we only had 95 to the Dinner Dance. Andy Ballentyne did the Welcome to Visitors speech and out guest speaker was Bill Norris. Bill Swann did the Toast to the President, Len Unwin. It was also Len and Jean's 17th Wedding Anniversary and Frances Swann had arranged for everyone to sign a large anniversary card for them for a surprise presentation.

Two new members joined, Rob Stahl and Dave Spencer. The annual football match with the Crest C.C. was lost 8:1, though they did field a team twice the size of ours!

5O Years Ago

Controversy followed after new editor Charlie Merrett was critical of the Club Dinner. Ripostes came From Len Stewart, Bill Taylor and Eddie Hurding over Charlie's description of some of those seated at the head table being "strangers and nonentities".

A Kent clubrun went from the Woolwich Ferry to Swanley, returning via Stansted, Wrotham, Kemsing and Eynesford. Other runs in more usual territories went to the Marshmoor Cafe near Hatfield for elevenses, then Sacombe for lunch, a late afternoon stop at Waterford then home via Stansted Abbots and Epping. By late February training rides had started, going to Willingale. Snow fell on the last February run (25th) from the George, Wanstead to Stock. The Freewheeling competition was cancelled, the run returning via Highwood and Doddinghurst.

Microdisney Pop Video - 1986

Microdisney Video

In 1986 the club was contacted by a production company to help make a pop video for the band 'Microdisney' - an Irish Rock band. Therefore a group of us went down to Silvertown way one Sunday during the off season and spent the day filming, and when we were not required - holed up in their Winnebago (as it was a bit cold) eating bacon sandwiches from their catering van (much better than racing!).
The production company had constructed a mobile studio on the back of an artic with perspex sides through which you could see the background moving past as the lorry drove along, and periodically people would get on or off. We were to be a bunch of cyclist being overtaken by the band.
It took four or five shoots to get it right as in the first couple we went off too fast and the lorry didn't catch us. Then we had to make it look as though we were trying really hard, when in fact we were only doing 15mph tops.
The band had a bit of a cult following but the track - "Town to Town" only reached no. 55 in the UK charts!
You can now see the video on You Tube.

Founder member Rory O'Brien holding up Dave Bedwell at the start of a grass track meeting
More images at

Digging the first sods at the sight for the Easterley Country H.Q. ‘The Hut’ at Ugley.
L to R: Len Stewart, Pete Standing, Don Morrison, George Reynolds, Foreground: Ron Neal

Kai Peters in the club hilly 30 in 1969.
Kai was a member from 1969 to 1974 and now lives in Shrewsbury

End to End 2003

Read the account of our John O'Groats to Land's End ride where we raised over £5000 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

The finish at Land's End in 2003

Helen, Craig, Andy, Richard and Julia at Mildenhall circa 1990.
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil!
Helen, Craig, Andy, Richard and Julia at Mildenhall circa 1991.

Julia riding the ECCA Festival Ladies/Vets road race around 1990
Julia riding the ECCA Festival Ladies/Vets road race around 1991

Building the Country HQ - 1958

And the Country HQ in 1985"

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