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Easterley Open Events

Open Hilly 26m Time Trial - Sunday 13th April 2014 - 08:00

(one of Micheal Hutchinson's favourite events!)

The course will again take you through the historic village of Thaxted past the 600 year old Guildhall and Thaxted Church.

Here's what Rik Van Looy said about our event in 2001:-
"Following Tony Bell's recent article about time trialling, and having just competed in the Easterly Hilly 27.5 mile time trial this weekend, why o why can't we have more of these superb events. Promoted over an undulating, technical and challanging, traffic free course. Well marshalled including direction arrows, and mileage boards. Close and keen competition, with a generous prize list. It was a joy (well a lot of pain and suffering actually) to compete in. Surely this is the way forward, but without organisers getting the support from us the competitors, to encourage them to put on these type of events, what hope do we have of moving this area of the sport into modern times. So all time trialists, the next time you are looking through the hand book, how about giving this type of event a try, you might just like it !!"

Event Organiser:

Richard Jordan, 56 Charlotte Gardens, Collier Row, Romford, Essex. RM5 2ED or

Entry Fee:£ 8.00

Course Details

Course E1/26a

START in North Hall Road, Ugley at PP02B at southern end of slip road from railway crossing (south of railway bridge). Proceed south to take second left (0.4m) (mp1). Proceed to Henham (1.3m)(mp2). Turn right to junction with B1051 (2.2m)(mp3). Turn left on B1051 to Thaxted (8.1m)(mp4). Turn left on B184 to Thaxted Church (8.3m)(mp5). Continue on B184 through Howlett End to turn left (11.9m)(mp6). Proceed through Elder Street to Debden Crossroads (13.5m)(mp7). Turn left through Debden to complete circuit at Thaxted Church (18.2m)(mp5). Turn left on B184 through Howlett End to turn left (21.9m)(mp6). Proceed through Elder Street to Debden Crossroads (23.3m)(mp7). Turn left through Debden to FINISH at TP19 short of Debden Green.
Note recommended (and shortest) return route from Finish to Event HQ via Henham. No parking opposite the Event HQ, use area under the Motorway bridge.


Men: 1st£50   First Lady: Maud Harrison Trophy plus £20
  3rd£20   First Team: £30


1 James BromleyBecontree Wheelers CCV08:01
2 Bob BrabbinsVictoria Ciclos Uno PCA CC V08:02
3 Kevin OrrinChelmer CCV08:03
4 Colin DoeFord CCV08:04
5 Roger MaidmentEast London VeloV08:05
6 Peter BullenFinsbury Park CCV08:06
7 Brian FarrowShaftesbury CCV08:07
8 Derek Keith LusherNorwich Amateur BCV08:08
9 Nicholas WebberColchester Rovers CCV08:09
10Colin WardEssex Roads CCM08:10
11Julia FreemanEasterley RCLV08:11
12Graham HurrellBasildon CCV08:12
13Caroline GuestFord CCL08:13
14Tristan DavenneNewbury RCM08:14
16David BamfordEast London VeloM08:16
17M RobinsonEssex RoadsV08:17
18Lisa HainesMaldon & District CCL08:18
19Jane DennysonLondon Phoenix CCL08:19
20Phillip MurrellFinsbury Park CCV08:20
21David ChurchillBigfoot CCV08:21
22Kieth DaltonFord CCV08:22
23Peter TibbittsFord CCV08:23
24Tom PlantMaldon & District CCM08:24
25Simon DawCC SudburyV08:25
26Bob JonesCardiff 100 Miles RCCV08:26
27Paul RuffyEssex Roads CCM08:27
28Mark AlsopMaldon & District CCV08:28
29Fitzroy AlexisWhitewebbs CCV08:29
30Paul KingMaldon & District CCM08:30
31Ian ShortAPI – Metrow FoodsV08:31
32David SolomanWhitewebbs CCV08:32
33Matt HaighEssex Roads CCV08:33
34Dominic BrayFinsbury Park CCV08:34
35Steve GorbuttDiss and District CCV08:35
36Richard PriceLondon Phoenix CCM08:36
37Robert RoystonSydenham WheelersV08:37
38David MartinBecontree Wheelers CCV08:38
39Bill CatonWhitewebbs CCV08:39

Start Sheet (.pdf format)

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Falling Leaves Road Race - Date: Sunday 7th September 2014

(An Essex Road Race League Event under the Technical Regulations of British Cycling)
A Regional B class event for 3rds, 4ths, Juniors, and Ladies
Distance 50 miles

Event H.Q.

Easterley RC Country HQ, North Hall Road, Ugley, nr Stansted Mountfitchett, Essex

Event Organiser:

Julia Freeman,
47 Knights Way, Brentwood, Essex, CM13 2EN Tel: 01277 219593

Entry Fee:

Seniors: £15.00. Entries on the line £20.00
British Cycling website link

Course Details (

NEUTRALISED. Proceed North along North Hall Road to junction with B1383 where turn right. CARE. Proceed through Newport to the Fighting Cocks P.H., Wendons Ambo where DENEUTRALISED (6.5 miles). Continue on B1383 to Littlebury where left at junction opposite church (m). Proceed west over motorway bridge where prime line is situated. Continue on to cross-roads (mm). CARE. Straight over through Littlebury Green to junction with B1309 (m) where left. Proceed East under motorway bridge to Wendons Ambo. Continue left to junction with B1383 and Fighting Cocks P.H. - CARE - to complete 5 1/2 more circuits to finish just beyond the motorway bridge at the prime line on the lane to Littlebury Green.

Lap distance: approx. 7.8 miles Total distance: approx. 49.7 miles for 6.5 laps (54.5 inc. neutralising)

Download 2013 Start Sheet (.pdf)

2013 Result
2012 Result
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