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Roy Holmes, Ian Dale, Joan Kennington

We are sad to announce the death of one of our oldest members, Roy Holmes. This follows on from the death of Bill's brother-in-law Ian Dale at the beginning of the November and Associate Member Joan Kennington earlier this year and marks a sad period for the club.

Roy was a prolific long distance rider before the war and completed twenty three 24 hours and many 12 hour events. A member of the SAS during the war, he suffered a leg wound which although didn't stop him riding, did curtail his racing to a certain degree and caused his health problems in later life.
He was always willing to help out with the marshalling and could usually be seen helping out with the North Road 24 each year until his ill health prevented this. Roy was always generous with his money as well as time - giving many donations to the club, paying for the jazz band at the club dinner, and he also paid for a large part of the new cycle shed at the hut.
Roy was a carpenter by trade and this was also his hobby. He made several trophies for the club, ECCA and many other bodies, usually including a bike or penny farthing, all hand made in wood and immaculately detailed and finished. Other recent projects included a scale model of the famous Thaxted Guildhall, and a doll's house for one of our members.

Roy's funeral was held on Friday 18th November.

Ian Dale was not a cyclist but in recent years came to enjoy the camaraderie of the club and could be relied on to help with marshalling the club's promotions. He too had suffered health problems in recent years.

Joan, then Beeson, joined the Easterley in 1946 and was a regular rider on clubruns. She later married Les and continued to take part in all Club activities until they moved to Basildon in 1965 where they joined the local club. She ran the tea stall with Les at many local time trials until the time of their divorce and later was active with the local Brownies. She remained an Associate member and often attended our social events.

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