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Road Race Results - 2011

Ciclos Uno Last of the Summer Wine Series 5 - Cats A-D (LVRC)

Sunday 2nd October September - Hog Hill (Lower circuit) - 1 hours plus 5 laps

The road race season went out with a bang on one of the hottest days of the year. Andy jumped away right from the start and took Simon Hyme (Finchley) and Craig Stevens (Ciclos Uno) with him. They were away for a few laps before being pulled back. He tried again mid race but that was pulled back and then in the last 10 minutes a group of six riders including Ciclos Uno riders Martin Meades and Barry Neal, and Hugh Vivian (Finsbury Park). Andy made a big effort to bridge the gap and took Craig Stevens with him. These 8 riders then pulled away from the bunch and into the final lap, Barry was leading out Martin but a small gap formed behind them, allowing Martin to sprint to victory with Andy crossing the line in 5th place (and 3rd B cat?).

Ciclos Uno Last of the Summer Wine Series 4 - Cats A-D (LVRC)

Sunday 25th September - Hog Hill (Lower circuit) - 1 hours plus 5 laps

After a short break, Andy returned to racing but missed the crucual break in the last part of the race. Anthony Wallis had broken away on his own earlier in the race to get a maximum of 1 min 30 seconds lead. In the last quarter of teh race, the field split into two with Andy, Steve Smith and Craig Stephens trying to bridge to the first group on their own. They didn;t make it however and were swallowed up by the bunch in the last few laps.

Full Result (LVRC)

Easterley open 'Falling Leaves Road Race'

Sunday 4th September Littlebury Green circuit - 54.5 miles - 3/4th Cats

Our open road race was held in good conditions and was won with a fine well timed ride by Jeremy Ross (CC Ashwell) who rode across to the break from the bunch, and then outwitted the Cambridge trio to catch and then pass Dydgby Symons on the final hill. Here's a write up from Hugo Robins on the ERRL forum:-
"One rider can electrify a race, and if anyone ever doubted that riding in teams added a precious dimension to bike racing even at this level here was the proof. Digby Symons of Cambridge CC gave up his carefully preserved 2nd Cat licence while he took a season out with the arrival of a baby son, a son now old enough to spectate. Carefully preserved from conversion into a first Cat licence, that is, of course. . .

There would be seven ascents of the hill. The first was ridden with naive enthusiasm, the second with a mood of chastened realism, and by the third, the fourth the bunch had suffered serious attrition and the race-defining break had separated itself: Digby marshalling the efforts of the two Cambridge Juniors, Felix Barker and Chris Hughes, Mark Williams (Python RT) and Kurt Green (VC Montpellier). They had apparently put the pressure on through the sharp turn after the fast descent, choosing their moment after giving the course itself the time to wear down the weaker riders. Within a lap they had a gap, perhaps a minute, but it was one of those gaps where you weren't sure whether the bunch was controlling the break by holding them at a minute, or whether the break was riding within itself just doing enough to keep the bunch at bay.

For one rider though that question was never in doubt, and as the convoy came towards the bell, Jeremy Ross (CC Ashwell) was making the bridge. If you're strong enough you can just join a break like this at the moment you choose, save yourself some work, ride up to it fresh and ride through it for another very well deserved win.

Less fortunate was the very impressive Kurt Green, who had always looked to be the rider in the break to challenge Digby in the finish. Between the bell and the finish he found he had given too much and so dropped back into the bunch and this time missed the placing that he'd surely earned.

And the ERRL points for a day like this? Peter Kirwan rounded out the Cambridge achievement in 9th place, so they accumulated 35 of the 60 points awarded. Maybe it's too early to start talking of the Cambridge challenge in this League fading quite yet.

Many thanks to the wonderful organising club, Easterley RC and to all those who made this excellent race possible."

Thanks to Hugo for those kind words.

Full Result

PosRider / ClubCatTime
1Jeremy Ross CC Ashwell (CCA)3 @ 2 hours 4 min 28 secs
2Digby Symons Cambridge CC3 @ 3 secs
3Felix Barker Cambridge CC3J @ 5secs
4Chris Hughes Cambridge CC3J @ 7 secs
5Mark Williams Python Racing Team3 @ 10 secs
6Chris Smith Python RT3 @ 11 secs
7Gerard Miley St Ives CC3 @ 12 secs
8Edward Ashby Private Member4 
9Peter Kirwan Cambridge CC3 
10Nathaniel Spurling Finsbury Park CC3 
11Alan Lovegrove Velo Schils - Interbike RT3 @ 20 secs
12Matt Cowan PCH UK RT3 
13David Youell Eagle RC4 
14Mark Hopkins East London Velo3 @ 23 secs
15Matthew Garfield Fenland Clarion CC3 
16Colin Bailey North Road CC3 @ 25 secs
17Osama Assem Finchley Racing Team4 @ 28 secs
18Daniel Scott PCH UK Racing Team3 @ 30 secs
19Ben Locke Braintree Velo Cycle Racing Club4 @ 32 secs
20Carmelo Luggeri CC Ashwell (CCA)3 @ 38 secs
21Brad Lamb Glade CC3 @ 43 secs
22Glenn O'Brien CC Luton3 
23Plunkett McGreevy North Road CC4 @ 50 secs
24Glyndwr Thomas4 @ 56 secs
25Steven Kaye Fenland Clarion CC3 @ 1 min
26Stefaan Van Poucke Braintree Velo CRC3 @ 1 min 2 secs
27Damien Foy Eagle RC3 @ 1 min 4 secs
28Kurt Green Velo Club Montpellier3 @ 1 min 30 sec
29Andrew Cullinane Finchley Racing Team3 @ 2 mins 30 secs
DNFAndy Defrates Braintree Velo CRC3 
DNFSteve Fairchild Braintree Velo Cycle Racing Club4 
DNFTony Meader Eagle RC4 
DNFDavid Bamford East London Velo3 
DNFTerry Garlinge East London Velo3 
DNFHugo Robins East London Velo3 
DNFKevin Carter Finchley Racing Team3 
DNFNeil Bryan Glade CC3 
DNFTrevor Whittock Lea Valley CC3 
DNFNigel Burns St Ives CC3 
DNFKristian Mobbs Stowmarket & District CC4 
DNFPhilip Thomerson VC Norwich3 
DNFAndy Garvie VC Revolution4 
DNFPaul Bird Virgin Active3 
DNFIain Hibbert West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club4 
DNFAndrew Brown Velo Club Peloton3 
DNFLaurence Wolley Private Member4 
DNFTom McLaren East London Velo3 
DNFColin Hodges Welwyn Whlrs CC3 
DNFClive Weston Greenwich Triton4 
DNSBenjamin Ryman Braintree Velo Cycle Racing Club3 
DNSAnthony Goodwin CC Luton3 
DNSTrevor Holmes Diss & District CC3 
DNSHarry Davies East London Velo3 
DNSOliver Mehmet Finchley Racing Team3 
DNSEd Rulton Glendene CC4 
DNSAdam Keer Ipswich BC3 
DNSBen Weeks London Dynamo/Prologue3 
DNSMatthew Carter Maldon & District CC3 
DNSSteven Sexton North Road CC4 
DNSThomas Caldwell St Ives CC3 
DNSJulien Tordjmann Velo Club Baracchi4 
DNSEdward Wells VC Norwich4 
DNSJames Wylie Velo Schils - Interbike RT3 
DNSPatrick Hayes Victoria-Ciclos Uno-PCA-Pro-Lite CC3 
DNSSam Lawson Virgin Active2 
DNSCraig Parry Stevenage CC4 
DNSDavid Jakeman Wisbech Wheelers3 
DNSDermot Kealey Finchley Racing Team3 
DNSIan Penrose VC Rutland/Rutlandcycling.com4 

Ciclos Uno Last of the Summer Wine Series 1 - Cats A-D (LVRC)

Sunday 28st August - Hog Hill (Lower circuit) - 1 hours plus 5 laps

A large of field of approx 70 riders blasted into action right from the start and the pace never really eased off, averaging 25mph for the race. Andy positioned himself in the leading half dozen riders going into the final lap however a puncture on the bottom straight put paid to his chances.

Full Result (LVRC)

Whitewebbs CC Summer Veterans Circuit Races - Cats A-D (LVRC)

Sunday 21st August - Hog Hill (Lower circuit) - 1 hours plus 3 laps

Andy Ballentyne and Dave Farrow chased a first lap attempt by Russell Dore but were soon pulled back. But then Martin Badaell (CC Luton) got away on his own and soon pulled clear to half minute gap. In the bunch, several attacks were nullified and the high pace nibbled away at the lead but could not pull it back. Into the last 10 minutes of raceing and Damian Foy (Eagle RC) went clear with Simon Wright (CC Sudbury) joining him. They got a clear gap whilst behind, 3 riders also tried to get away in the last 3 laps. Andy then jumped away from the bunch halfway round the last lap and swept up teh three in front but was then caught by the leaders of the bunch and had to settle for 9th.

Full Result (London Cycle Sport)

LVRC Circuits - Cats A-D

Thursday 11th August - Hog Hill (Lower circuit) - 1 hour plus 5 laps

Anthony Wallis jumped away right from the start however Andy Ballentyne saw this and latched on to his wheel immediately. They quickly got a small gap but waited for Dave Farrow (Eagle RC) and joint series leader Tim Brown (North Road CC) who were chasing behind. They joined up pretty quickly and continued to make progress on the bunch with the gap hovering at about 30 seconds for a long time. Anthony picked up the first prime however Tim was struggling a bit and a strong effort by Anthony saw him shelled off the back of the break. Behind meanwhile, Martin Meades, Barry Neale (both Ciclos Uno) and Hugh Vivian (Finsbury Park) had escaped the bunch and were chasing hard - Martin no doubt trying to save the series win from both Tim and Andy. The leading break lapped the bunch with 4 to go and another effort from Anthony with 2 laps left meant Dave was dropped. Into the last lap Andy and Anthony were playing cat and mouse but he had no answer to Anthony's finishing sprint, ending up 2nd overall but 1st B cat. Behind, Tim who had carried on on his own just pipped Martin at the finish which meant that Andy and Tim tied for 1st overall on 8 points in the series, with Martin one behind on 7.

Result (London Cycle Sport)
Series Result (LVRC)

Dunton LVRC Series - event 7

Thursday 4th August - Dunton Test Track - A/B/C/D Cats - 1 hour plus 3 laps

The threat of rain out a number of riders off and the track was slightly damp at the start but soon started to dry off. Andy Ballentyne attacked right from the start and took Anthony Wallis, Martin Meades and Dave Farrow with him and they soon opened up a gap. It wasn't decisive however and the bunch brought them back after approx 20 mins of racing, shortly after the first prime. After about 40 mins Andy then broke a spoke in his rear wheel and was unable to continue!

Result (LVRC)
Report / Series Standings (LVRC)

LVRC Circuits - Cats A-D

Thursday 28th July - Hog Hill (Lower circuit) - 1 hour plus 5 laps

Andy Ballentyne again tried a number of times to get away, either on his own or with others but was pulled back each time. With 5 or 6 laps to go, Simon Hime (Finchley RT) and Tim Brown (North Road CC) and with the bunch not willing to commit themselves immediately, they made good their escape. Although the bunch tried to pull them back, the leading two were too strong and with 2 laps to go the buch tehn started jockeying for positions. On the last lap Barry Neal (Ciclos Uno) came to the front with team mate Martin Meades on his wheel. Andy got on to Martin's wheel however they caught the E+ group on the finishing staright and had to thread their way through this bunch in the sprint for the finish. Andy couldn't come past Martin in the confusion and had to settle for 4th overall and, unfortunately 4th 'B' Cat which meant he didn't score any points in the overall series for the B cats. This means that Simon, Martin and Tim are all tied in the series lead on 6 points, with Andy one point behind on 5 with just one race to go.

Result (London Cycle Sport)

LVRC Circuits - Cats A-D

Thursday 14th July - Hog Hill (Lower circuit) - 1 hour plus 5 laps

Andy Ballentyne rode an aggressive race, trying to get away a number of times with Dave Farrow (Eagle RC) and Barry Neal (Ciclos Uno) amongst others, but each time he was pulled back. Domenic Gabellini (Rapha Condor) picked up the first two primes but coming up to the third, Andy jumped early to catch the bunch by surprise and opened up a gap to win the prime comfortably. Having got the gap he decided to continue on his own and wasn't finally caught until 4 laps to go. He then sat in to recover but stayed near the front. On the final lap, Andy was on Domenic's wheel but jumped before the final bend to open up the sprint. He couldn't prevent Lee Rowe (Finchley RT), Domenic and Dave coming past but did hold on for 4th overall and 2nd B Cat.

LVRC Circuits - Cats A-D

Thursday 30th June - Hog Hill (Lower circuit) - 1 hour plus 5 laps

A first lap breakway attempt by Andy Ballentyne was pulled back after a couple of laps but then Dave Farrow (Eagle RC) made a big effort mid race. Barry Neal (Ciclos Uno) jumped after him and Andy got on to his wheel taking Hugh Vivian (Finsbury Park), Jason Rogers (Gateway CC), Domenic Gabellini (Rapha Condor) with him and they started to establish a gap. Martin Meades (Ciclos Uno) left it as late as could bearing in mind he had a team mate in the break before jumping across the gap. The seven worked well together and had nearly lapped the bunch with 2 to go when Dave Farrow jumped. Andy, Hugh and Barry worked hard to bring him back and with one to go the break and bunch were all together. With the breakway members watching each other, the bunch led out the sprint however Domenic took full advantage and latched on to their wheels, coming home the winner ahead of Martin and Andy.

Result (LVRC)

Dunton LVRC Series - event 4

Thursday 23rd June - Dunton Test Track - A/B/C/D Cats - 1 hour plus 3 laps

A cagey race where all attempts at breakways were chased down, until the final 2 laps when a North Roader slipped away. Patrik Schils chased with just over a lap to go but the bunch weren't willing to chase. Andy Ballentyne then tried to catch the bunch napping coming in to the final banking and although he got a gap, was swallowed up down the final straight and therefore finished i the bunch. The race was 'enlivened' by a crash with 5 laps to go which Andy narrowly managed to avoid, however he did required a half lap out.

LVRC Circuits - Cats A-D

Thursday 16th June - Hog Hill (Lower circuit) - 1 hour plus 3 laps

The strong winds and the threat of rain deterred a number of the usual riders and so the bunch was a little smaller than usual. Winner of the last two Dunton events - Anthony Wallis - was in no mood to hang around and put in a strong effort near the end of the first lap, taking Tony Couchman (Glade CC) with him. Andy Ballentyne spotted the danger and crossed to him taking Tim Brown (North Road CC) and Barry Neal (Ciclos Uno) with him. They opened up a small gap and then with Dave Farrow (Eagle RC) the last to get across from the bunch they continued to open this gap. Tony and Barry however soon dropped off - not being warmed up for the early break and so the remaining four worked well together and by mid race had lapped the bunch with just Simon Bateson (East London Velo) chasing. The break went straight past the bunch and then lapped the bunch again with one lap to go. The last lap was a cagey affair with Tim opening up the sprint on the last straight. Andy jumped on to his wheel, went past on the last bend and led up to the finish line on the hill but couldn't prevent Anthony from coming past in the last few metres, therefore having to settle for 2nd overall (1st 'B' cat'). Dave was 3rd and Tim 4th.

Result (London Cycle Sport)

Dunton LVRC Series - event 3

Thursday 9th June - Dunton Test Track - A/B/C/D Cats - 1 hour plus 3 laps

It fortunately stayed dry although there was a stiff headwind down the back straight which made going tough, but did of course make for a fast finish. Andy Ballentyne broke a spoke just before the start but managed to borrow a wheel from another rider. The pace gradually built up and then at the first prime, Andy chased after Mick Bath (APi) who'd had a small gap and passed him but also had Anthony Wallis and another rider for company. He didn't win the sprint but carried and gradually a group of riders formed. This only lasted a couple of laps however. All other attempts failed until just before the last prime when Dave Farrow (Eagle RC) and Colin Jenks had a gap. Martin Ryan (Ford CC) was chasing and then another rider jumped after them with Andy following. They got a gap and closed on the leaders and then with Martin Meades (Ciclos Uno), Mick Bath and Anthony Wallis getting across a gap then formed. Colin Jenks and the other rider dropped off leaving just 6 in break and on the last lap it turned into a track finish with all the riders watching each other on the banking. Dave jumped quickly followed by Anthony who soon lead up the home straight, holding off Martin Meades and Dave. Andy couldn't come round Dave and had to settle for 4th overall - 2nd B cat.

Result (LVRC)
Series standings (LVRC)

Ciclos Uno Hoggenberg Classic

Sunday 5th June - Hog Hill (Lower circuit) - 1 hour plus 3 laps full circuit

Conditions were again breezy and apart from a plucky mid race effort from Graham Galvin (East London Velo) and Steffan Van Polcke (Braintree Velo) the race stayed more or less together. With 10 mins to go however a group of 7 riders formed including Andy Ballentyne, Graham, Stefan, Dave Farrow (Eagle RC), Jon Munns (North Road), Trevor Whittock (Lea Valley RC) and Hugh Vivian (Finsbury Park CC). Martin Meades (Ciclos Uno) and Andy Defraites (Braintree Velo) were the last to get across and the 9 strong group then got a gap on the bunch. They worked well together and in to the last 3 full circuits, Stefan led up the hill with Andy just staying in touch at the back of the group. At the finish, Jon Munns took the win whereas Andy could only trail over the line for 9th overall (and 5th B cat).

Full Result (LVRC)

LVRC Circuits - Cats A-D

Thursday 2nd June - Hog Hill (Lower circuit) - 1 hour plus 3 laps

A frustrating race for Andy Ballentyne who tried several times to break away or get across to other riders but was chased down each time. And then with about 15 mins to go, Simon Hyme (Finchley RC) and then Steve Smith and Simon Bateson (East London Velo), and Martin Meades (Ciclos Uno), Dave Farrow (Eagle RC) and Hugh Vivian got away initially in 3 groups of two which then formed two groups of three. Andy then made one last big effort with aout 10 mins to go and managed to get a gap with Richard Somerset (North Road CC). The bunch started to come back at them and Riochard dropped back however Andy persisted and with the help of another North Roader and a Finchley rider distanced themselves from the bunch. They couldn't catch the groups ahead, however Andy won the sprint from these three for 7th overall and 4th(?) 'B' cat?.

Result (London Cycle Sport)

North Road CC Circuit Races - Cats A-D (LVRC)

Monday 30th May - Hog Hill (Lower circuit) - 50 mins plus 3 laps

The breezy conditions didn't seem to slow the race down at all and a fast pace was maintain throughout. Andy Ballentyne got into an early break with a Finchley rider and were then joined by Dave Farrow (Eagle RC) and Nick Faint (Finchley RC) and were away for several laps before being pulled back. The bunch then stayed more or less together until Malcom Humphries (VC Elan) and a North Road rider (Tim Brown?) got a useful gap. Dave Farrow started chasing and Andy sooned joined him. A group of approximately a dozen riders then formed including the two away, plus strong men like Domenic Gabellini (Rapha) and Martin Meades (Ciclos Uno). A gap formed but the break wasn't working as efficiently as it could and the gap to the bunch remained small. Into the last three laps and Malcom Humphries drifted off the front. No one wanted to chase until the last lap when Damian Foy (Eagle RC) put in a big effort to get across with Martin Meades on his wheel. Andy chased but couldn't quite get to their wheels but still got a gap on the bunch. Damian blew but Martin caught Malcolm up the last straight and went on for the win halfway up the hill. Andy hung for third place (and 2nd B cat), relieved that the finish wasn't at the top of the hill otherwise he would have swallowed up!

Full Result (London Cycle Sport)

Full Gallery (London Cycle Sport)

Dunton LVRC Series - event 1

Thursday 12th May - Dunton Test Track - A/B/C/D Cats - 1 hour plus 3 laps

The rain that was threatening held off although there was a stiff breeze against in the back straight for the first event of the series. Andy Ballentyne tried to get away a number of times in various break, the most promising being on the last prime lap when he jumped from the top of the banking halfway round the bottom loop and caught the bunch napping. He won the prime by a significant margin but then carried on going. A group of approx 7 riders then formed around him including Dave Farrow (Eagle RC), Tim Brown (North Road CC) Martin Meades (Ciclos Uno), Martin Ryan (Ford CC) and Steve Murrell (East London Velo). This break only lasted a couple of laps however and then Dave, Martin Ryan and a Southend rider went with 3 laps to go. Tim tried to get across to them with a lap to go and then Andy put in a strong turn down the back straight on the last lap to keep them in check. All four riders were swept up round the last banking when Patrick Schils (Interbike) attacked. Andy latched onto his wheel and then jumped at the start of the home straight. He lead out but could not stop Martin Meades from coming round him for the win, and last year's series winner Barry Neal pipping him on the line for second and so ended with third overall and third 'B' Cat.

Full Result (London Cycle Sport)

Finchley Racing Team LVRC road race

Monday 2nd April - Blackmore - A/B Cats - 56 miles

It was bright and sunny but very windy which although keeping the temperature down didn't appear to slow the race down at all with a fast pace throughout. The home club's Nigel Stephens was away for at least a lap with Andy Ballentyne attempting to get across to him down the Viper hill but was pulled back by the bunch. On the last lap, Nick Feint (Finchley) and a.n.other went away coming in to Blackmore and Andy again tried to get across but was marked by another Finchley rider and was pulled back. This break looked as though it might succeed until the pace increased coming into the finish and was swept up in the last mile. At this point the other Finchley's led out the sprint with Trevor Burke leading the charge only to be outsprinted by Mark Horrel(Velo Schils) rider. Andy had positioned himself on the likely wheels in the sprint but could only manage 8th.

Top 10 positions:-

1Mark HorrelVelo Schils/InterbikeA1st A
2Trevor BurkeFinchley Racing Team/Paul Simon HomesB1st B
3Jon MunnsUnattachedA2nd A
4Lee RoweFinchley Racing Team/Paul Simon HomesB2nd B
5Chris TaylorColourtech RTB3rd B
6Martin MeadesCiclos UnoB 
7Russel FordGlade CCB 
8Andrew BallentyneEasterley RCB 
9James ConwayMP CC/VictoriaB 
10Paul SmithermanColourtech RTB 

Ciclos Uno Spring Circuit Series - event 4 - Cats A-D (LVRC)

Sunday 24th April - Hog Hill (Lower circuit) - 1 hour plus 5 laps

Unseasonally warm conditions meant a good turnout for the fourth race in the series and a fast pace was maintained by the strong field of 45 riders. Graham Galvin (East London Velo) put in several attacks and picked up the three primes in the process but eventually it all came down to a bunch sprint. Graham lead it out with Dominic Gabellini (Rapha Condor) and Andy Ballentyne - just back from a week's training in Majorca - following. Graham faded and Dominic sprinted ahead but couldn't hold off Lee Rowe (Finchley RT) in the surge for the line up the finish hill. Andy was just pipped for third by Robin Parker (East Grinstead CC) and had to settle for fourth overall and second 'B' cat.

Full Result (London Cycle Sport)

Glendene CC LVRC race

Sunday 20th March - Thaxted - 48 miles

A large number of entries on the line made for a competitive fields and forced the D cats to joinf up with E+ age groups. Conditions were good although a bit chilly and the Finchley wasted no time trying to get away - which they succeeded in doing at the end of the first lap with 3 riders - eventual winner Trevor Burke, Simon Hine and Edgar Medellin. The bunch kept them in check for a while until the gap eventually grew to a minute but on the last lap Edgar punctured. Meanhwile a small chasing group of 5 riders formed between Debden and Thaxted, including Andy Ballentyne. They had to work hard to get away and then Martin Meades plus Edgar across on the drop to Debden. With the bunch snapping at their heels they had to keep the pressure on to the finish where Andy could only manage 7th in the sprint - 9th overall.

Result (LVRC)
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