Gear Chart

Click here to open an Excel spreadsheet that shows the gear sizes in inches and metres (in red) for both 27" and 26" wheels. If you need to find a gear for a specific tyre size then try the Cycles Stats program (see below) which has settings for a whole range of other tyre sizes.

Pursuit Scheduling

Click here to open an Excel spreadsheet that will help you calculate a schedule for a pursuit.
Enter your race distance, target time and allowance for standing start and it will calculate the rest.
My thanks to Alex Critcher for fowarding this spreadsheet to me.
Alternatively you can use the Cycles Stats program below to calculate the lap/kilo times for you. This will also give you data on lap sizes for the various tracks around the country.

Cycle Stats

Download or run CycleStatsLite.exe (v2.4) (424 Kb)

This program is FREE. You may forward it anyone who might find it useful.
If you find any bugs or errors with it then please let me know. In particular the track/road circuit contact names and telephone numbers may be out of date as I had to go from the 2000 BCF handbook.
Also if you have any suggestions about what you would like to be included then I will endeavour to do so, as long as it's not too complicated!

Down to specifics:-

Gears/Revs/Speed etc.:-

Gear sizes

The Gear size will be calculated automatically when you enter the Chainring, Sprocket, and Tyresize and tab off any of those 3 fields.
You may choose a Tyresize from the list or enter your own - in inches.

is the ability to enter a tyre circumference (in mm). I have also expanded the list of tyre sizes that can be chosen - circumferences courtsey of the Cateye manual. These are also useful for setting up the tyre size on your computer.

I have done a straight conversion from inches to metres (x Pi) and so these may not match up with those stated in the BCF handbook.

If anyone can tell me what the exact wheel diameters (or circumferences) are for different size tyres, I will add these to the list of wheel sizes.

is the 'Perceived Gear' option. The theory behind this is that longer cranks give more leverage and therefore the gear feels smaller. Therefore enter the actual gear (inches ot metres - doesn't matter which), the old crank length and the new crank length and it will calculate waht the 'perceived gear' is.


Enter any 2 out of Gear size, RPM, or speed (enter either MPH or KPH - it will convert for you), and when you tab off the last field, the program will calculate the remaining field.
If you change either the gear size or revs, it will recalculate the speed when you tab of the field. It will not recalculate the Gears and or Revs if you change the speed - you will need to Clear and start again - sorry!


Enter any 2 out of Distance, Time or Speed and it will calculate the remaining field.


Enter either Miles or Kilometres and tab off the field - it will convert the entered distance for you.

Time Trials:-

The program will calculate the average speed for those distances where a time has been entered, except for the Men's/Ladies BBAR where it calculates the average speed for all three distances whether they have been entered or not.
Tabbing off the Seconds fields for each of the distances in Actual, Handicap, Vets Standards and Junior distances will initiate the calculation for the average speed, Plus and Standard. I have left the 'Calculate' button there in case you change any data.


Race Scheduling

This is mainly for planning a schedule for kilo's/pursuits. Choose a track and the program will give you the track size and address details, assuming it is in this country.
Enter the race distance and target time and (when you tab through the fields) the program will tell you how many laps the race will be and what you should be lapping in for your target.
You may then load the first lap for a standing start. Choose between adding a straight load (in seconds) to the first lap or enter your time for the first full or partial lap.
Please note that if you have chosen a load, this will be applied in full to the first lap or partial lap only. This may give unusual results where the first part lap distance is short as you may not be up to full race pace by the time you start the first full lap. However it will have evened out by the end of the first kilo. Tab through the Loading and the program will calculate the remaining fields.
The First and Subsequent Kilo times will be advised if the race distance is long enough.
NEW in VERSION 1.3 are individual lap times on a cumulative basis - up to a maximum of 16 laps (you'll be a bit mad doing pursuits at Calshot!!!!).

Licence Points

NEW in VERSION 2.0 - This has been completely revamped in v2.0 to take into account the new BC race classification and points structure. It now has its own option from the main menu rather than being available from the Track or Road options.


Clicking 'OK' on the the Page Setup menu item will not submit the page to print - you will actually have to choose Print to do this. When printing, an image of the form is sent to the printer, however some of the labels will not print quite as they appear on the screen. Sorry, there is nothing I can do about this.

Also for certain calculations on the 'Track' form, the seconds in the Total Time field will be calculated as "60" rather than incrementing to the next minute (eg 49.441km in 60 minutes = 59:59.9998). This is because the seconds are rounded to 3 decimal places.

Any problems - please